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Forests, Seafood, and Agriculture

Maine. Some consider it to be the most beautiful state in the country; certainly to those who live there, and also to the many who have visited there. With its rugged coastline and forests of white pine, beech, birch, and sugar maples this northeastern state has a lot of Maine Real Estate Listings to offer. It's located next to New Brunswick and Quebec, along the Canadian border.

While Maine is known as the Pine Tree State, it is also home to 14 native conifers and 52 native leaf trees. The lumber industry has been an important part of Maine's economy throughout its history even before earning its statehood in 1820. Nearly 90% of its land contributes to the forest industry, with more than 90% of that land being privately owned. Forest products make up about 27% of the state's exports.

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Lobster and Seafood

Maine Real Estate Listings are also known for offering the finest lobster, and it has the largest catch rate within the country. Other seafood is caught and exported from the state, and it is also known for Atlantic salmon farming, another important part of its economy. Fishing property can be found here at the Land Broker Co-op.

Spuds are Maine's largest agricultural crop. Apples are its most important fruit crop, although its production of wild blueberries is also well known. Maine also plays a part with other berry production including cranberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Furthermore, the harvesting of maple syrup and production of a variety of products from it is something else the state is famous for, making up about 15% of the state's agricultural-related income. Agricultural land for sale in Maine can be found here!

Along with aquaculture of Maine's salmon farms, other leading livestock production include eggs and milk. Cattle, calves, and hogs are also raised here, along with some sheep and turkeys.

Of the state's 8,000+ farms, the average size of Maine Acreage is between 150-200 acres. There is a total of 1.35 million acres of farmland here, with some of that land for sale. Maine has a strong farm bureau, with the motto, "Working for You." It is devoted to helping the state's farmers through education and legislative support.

Educational Centers and Cities 

Speaking of education, the University of Maine is located in Orono along Interstate 2, between the Penobscot and Stillwater rivers, north of Bangor. Its 11,000+ student body are engaged in the colleges of Natural Science, Forestry, and Agriculture, Engineering, Education and Human Development, and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Other colleges and universities in the state include the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Husson University in Bangor, Bowdoin College in Brunswick, and Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, to name a few.

Maine does not have a large population. It ranks as the ninth least populous state in the country. Its largest city is Portland with 67,000, followed by Lewiston and Bangor, with approximately 36,000 and 33,000 respectively. Augusta, the state capital, has little more than 19,000 residents.

While the population of Portland, Maine sounds small, its greater metropolitan area is actually home to more than ½ million people. It is the economic center of the state, relying heavily on the service industry and tourism. There is an active waterfront with commercial fishing and shipping in this area. Shop here for available fishing and waterfront properties!

Interesting Facts about Maine Real Estate Listings 

Despite its small size, Bangor has an international airport. Its most notorious citizen is Stephen King, who was born in Maine, along with author Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and poet Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Some other Maine interesting facts include:

  • Maine has 3,166 offshore islands.
  • The state has 32,000 miles of riverways and more than 6,000 lakes and ponds.
  • While it's known as The Pine Street State, its second nickname is Vacationland.
  • Maine has 67 lighthouses.
  • It produces 90% of the U.S.'s toothpicks.

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Maine encompasses some 23 million acres of land, and there's quite a bit of that land for sale in Maine. From oceanfront lots to forests, farms and ranches to hunting land, affordable properties are available throughout the state. To share your property listings with one of the most searched land sites in the U.S or to shop ME Farms, Ranches & Acreage Lots for Sale, or Maine Acreage, join the Land Broker Co-op today.

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