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Maryland's People and Points of Interest

The seventh state of Maryland is one of two states which gave part of their territory to devote to the United States capital, Washington DC, named in honor for the first president of the country. It's a small state with 12,500 miles of land divided in half by the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the US, and the third largest in the world. Although the size of the state leans towards the smaller side, you can still find multiple portions of land for sale in Maryland.

Maryland has a population of approximately 6 million people. While its largest city is Baltimore with close to 620,000 people, its capital is Annapolis, home to the US Naval Academy. Less than 40 miles away lies Bethesda, known for its military medical and research institutions and some of the country's top medical facilities including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health. Besides the Naval Academy, Maryland is home to John Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, Loyola University of Maryland, and many other great colleges and universities. Also found here are the National Aquarium, the Antietam National Battlefield, and Assateague Island, where the Chincoteague ponies run free.

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Maryland's Geography, Land, and Climate 

For those curious about what the land for sale in Maryland has to offer, consider the fact that the state is often referred to as "America in Miniature." While small, the state contains most of the land types found around the country, save for a desert landscape. While there aren't any high mountains, Hoye Crest on Backbone Mountain standing at 3,360-feet may seem high enough.

Agriculture contributes some $17 billion in revenue to the state each year. Maryland's top crops come from greenhouses and nurseries producing ornamental horticultural products. However, the state also produces corn and soybeans, wheat, barley, hay, and tobacco. Broiler chickens are raised here and there are more than 350 dairy farms throughout the state. Shop agricultural land for sale here.

Fishing and seafood are large in Maryland, and it is the top blue crab producer in the country. The state is also known for mining coal, various types of clay, natural gas, and limestone. We have a great selection of fishing, lakefront, and natural mining land for sale here! Additionally, more than 40% of Maryland's landmass is covered in forest. Forest products are a $4 billion annual industry, outranking seafood which brings in just under $1 billion each year. Browse our collection of amazing MD Waterfront and Farm Land for Sale to take advantage of the fishing and farming industries here!

Maryland has a great variety of weather, and residents enjoy all four seasons. In the summer, it is humid with an abundance of rainfall, and can be hot with averages in the high 80s and easily reaching the 90s during July. The winters are cold, but not frightfully so, averaging in the mid-20s in January. The state does see snow, with only maybe a foot or so along the Atlantic coastline; much more in areas such as Garrett County to the northwest averaging more than 80 inches annually.

What Type of Land is for Sale in Maryland? 

The nickname of Little America sums up what types of land are available in Maryland. Unless you are looking for a desert oasis, you can find almost any type of land here including timberland, recreational land for hunting or fishing, and beautiful Maryland Waterfront and Farm Land for Sale.

Customarily one-, two-, and three-acre properties can be found, as well as larger parcels of 50-75 acres, and more than 100. Land for sale in Maryland may have historic old farmhouses with livestock or dairy barns or a more modern home with a top-notch equestrian barn. Or, you may find your perfect property just waiting for the development of your own creation.

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