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Massachusetts Geography and Climate

A member of the original 13 states, Massachusetts has a place in history all its own being the location of the landing of the pilgrims on the Mayflower. The city of Lowell is the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution in the l790s, through its textile mills and factories.

Massachusetts is a small state, just over 10,500 square miles, 60 percent of which is covered by forests, especially to the west along the Berkshire and Taconic Mountains. Its highest natural point is Mount Greylock, nearly 3,500 feet above sea level at its summit. A lot of this forested land for sale in Massachusetts, close to 80 percent, is privately or family-owned. In the eastern part of the state lies the coastal plain along the Atlantic Ocean. The climate throughout most of the state provides humid, warm summers topping out in the low 80s, and cold, snowy winters with temps dipping down into the '20s. The average rainfall is between three to four inches every month of the year.

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From Big Cities to Small Family Farms 

The Massachusetts capital of Boston is also the largest urban center with nearly 700,000 people living here along the Eastern seaboard. Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, and Cambridge are each home to populations of over 100,000 but are far less populated than Boston. Located in Cambridge is the first school for higher education in the US, that being Harvard University.

But, away from these populous areas, and outside of the forested areas, are the agricultural regions responsible for growing more than 25% of the nation's cranberries, as well as greenhouse and nursery products, sweet corn, apples, and hay. The state has its own dairy farms, and chicken laying farms for eggs. Aquaculture for oyster and quahog production accounts for a large component of the state's agriculture. It should be noted that Massachusetts is also a leading commercial fishing state with a variety of products including cod, flounder, lobster, clams, crabs, herring, and tuna. New Bedford, alone, brings in approximately one-half of the scallops in the US. Shop here for a wide selection of MA waterfront and farm land for sale, agriculture land, and acreage land for sale in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts Fun Facts 

Boston was named after a town in England. The first US lighthouse was built in Boston Harbor Boston also has the country's oldest public park. The first US chocolate factory was in Boston, and the chocolate chip cookie was invented in the Tollhouse Restaurant in Whitman. The first US subway was built in Boston, and basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith at the International YMCA in Springfield. Some favored Massachusetts foods include Fluffernutters, grilled blueberry muffins, apple cider doughnuts, lobster rolls, and, of course, Boston baked beans.

The Lands of Massachusetts 

Massachusetts is the home of the Freedom Trail, the Cape Cod National Seashore, Salem's Witch Trials and its Historic Houses, Sturbridge Village, the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, and Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. However, most of the state is privately owned. Here you can find land for sale in the forests and timberlands, the agricultural sector, oceanfront property, and recreation land in the rural areas.

Most listings in Massachusetts are for smaller parcels of up to a few acres, although larger properties of 10-to-20 acres can be found, and even larger areas within the timber and agricultural sectors. Some listings from LandBroker Co-op have homes already built, others are of vacant lots just waiting for you to build your perfect dream home.

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