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New Hampshire's Forests and Farmlands 

Land for sale in NH is home to a rich amount of history. Known as the Granite State, today New Hampshire actually mines more sand and gravel than granite, but there is much more to this state located along the Canadian border and neighboring Vermont. One of the 13 original colonies, it was the first to declare independence from England, six months prior to the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was involved in the revolution, but no battles were fought there. Paul Revere's famous ride announcing "the British are coming" did take him to Portsmouth along the coast.

Land for Sale in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Commodities 

The state's sand and gravel mining operations provide materials for roadwork, cement, and products for the landscape industry. While once there were many granite quarries around the state, now only larger producing sites remain. Beryl, smoky quartz, fluorite, and topaz are the most common gems and minerals all found here.

Greenhouse and nursery plants are New Hampshire's number one agricultural product. Christmas tree farms and farms for sale in NH are found up and down the state. Maple syrup is another agricultural commodity, harvested from the state's natural sugar maple trees. The state also has a viable dairy industry and is home to many apple orchards.

New Hampshire's Climate and Geography 

New Hampshire is one of the smallest states, ranking 46th in size with 9,651 square miles. Purchasing land for sale in NH involves warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters. It averages between 60-100" of snowfall each year, depending upon the region, and some 40" of rain.

While the mean average altitude is 1,000' above sea level, New Hampshire enjoys a whopping 18 miles of Atlantic coastline, the shortest length of any state located along an ocean. Its highest point is 6,288' on Mt. Washington.

Of note is the rock formation known as "Old Man of the Mountain" above Profile Lake. This natural facial granite phenomenon was first noted in history in the early 1800s. It was immortalized by Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Great Stone Face and became the state emblem in 1945. Sadly, the "Old Man" collapsed in the spring of 2003. Discussions ensued about the possibility of reconstructing it, but the decision has been made not to. A memorial is underway.

New Hampshire Recreation 

With an abundance of snow every year, New Hampshire Properties enjoy a robust amount of skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. During the warmer months hiking, kayaking, and fishing are enjoyed. Less traditional sporting activities include dog sledding and zip-lining.

Visiting Hampton Beach, located on that short stretch of coastline, is a spring and summer retreat enjoyed by many locals and visitors alike. The town hosts weekly fireworks, a Masters of Sand Sculpting competition in June, and some 80 summer concerts each year.

Population Distribution 

The population of the state is roughly 1.343 million. Concord is the capitol, but it is not the largest city. Manchester has that honor with just over 110,000. It is the only city in the state with more than 100,000 residents.

Concord has a population of around 43,000. The largest county is Hillsboro which contains the City of Manchester near the southern end of the state.

Types of Private Land Available 

Some 4.8 million New Hampshire acres are located in the forest. This takes up 81% of the state. While part of this forested area is government owned, a lot is in the hands of private individuals. Most is undeveloped. Some of this forest land is for sale in New Hampshire, whether for an individual homestead or multiple cabins. Properties available include acreage on, or close to, rivers or lakes with prime fishing spots and abundant wildlife. Hunting is permissible although adherence to state laws is strictly enforced.

Less available is some of the state's rare farmland with hundreds of acres prime for cropland. Smaller family farm and tree farm land for sale in New Hampshire is more abundant. Suburb property is also available in and around some of New Hampshire's many cities and towns.

New Hampshire is a great state to raise a family or retire to. Affordable land for sale in NH is available in most areas of the state. Visit the listings on Land Broker Co-op and have a look around at our New Hampshire properties, or if you are a listing agent and want to share your properties on one of the most visited sites on the internet, sign up today!

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