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The Smallest State

Being the smallest of all 50 states, you might question just how much land could possibly be for sale in Rhode Island. Part of the answer lies in the fact that Rhode Islanders own about 70% or 400,000 acres of forestland. And those forests generate some $700 million-plus dollars to the state economy every year, while supporting some 3,300 jobs.

Those timberlands also provide recreation to locals and visitors seeing some 600 million visitors to state and federal parklands each year, adding approximately $1.7 billion to the economy, annually. Some come to see the beauty and wildlife. Others may seek to hunt with some 20,000 hunters spending $18 million annually on their sport. Others may seek to find land for sale in Rhode Island.

Land For Sale in Rhode Island

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Geography and Climate of Rhode Island 

It isn't as if there aren't many people in the state. In fact, Rhode Island is only second to New Jersey for its volume of population. The state has only 1,212 square miles of land and is home more than one-million people. You can drive across the state easily within one hour or less, as it is only 48 miles long and 37 miles wide. The state capital is Providence which lies in the county of the same name. It is also the largest city in population seeing 180,000+ residents. Providence is one of the five counties here. Land Broker Co-op has real estate in RI, especially in Providence.

Besides the ocean, Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island Sound, and Block Island Sound, the state is home to freshwater rivers including the Sakonnet, and the Scituate Reservoir, along with other lakes and ponds. Notably, Narragansett Bay runs 400 miles along the ocean, which seems like a lot for the smallest state. But, it also actually contains some 500 square miles of water within its borders.

Much of the state is made up of woodlands with rolling hills in the north and lowlands to the south. Some of the more common trees include tulip trees, oaks, and red cedars. Some 30 species of orchid and 40 varieties of fern are native here. It is a beautiful state to buy some land for sale in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is considered humid, although rarely hot. In Providence, the winter average is about 29 degrees, while in July temps are in the low to mid-70s. It rains about 45 inches each year and sees an average of 36 inches of snowfall, annually.

Rhode Island Economy 

With all of that forestland, the timber industry does aid in the state's economy. There is also an agricultural component including nursery and greenhouse products which include sod, and ornamental trees and shrubs, and accounts for about half of Rhode Island's agricultural income. Also, sweet corn, milk and dairy products, potatoes, and cattle are grown and raised here. Honey is another important product for the state. The fishing industry is yet another valuable asset including lobster, anglerfish, clams, flounder, cod, and more.

The manufacture of electrical equipment including lighting fixtures, light bulbs, and surge protectors is the leading manufacturing product of the state. But, Rhode Island is also known for its jewelry production and silverware.

A Few Rhode Island Facts 

The true name of the state is actually Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. All of the state’s population live in real estate in RI within 30 miles of some source of water. In 1652, Rhode Island created the first law to prohibited slavery. In 1790, when Samuel Slater built his cotton mill, powered by water, in Pawtucket, it became the birthplace of the US textile industry.

Rhode Island Land and Availability 

Yes, there is available real estate in Rhode Island. You can find smaller one- or two-acre lots, or larger acreage of 25- or 50-acre properties. When looking for land for sale in RI, the timber country, or for agricultural use, you can find it here with the help of Land Broker Co-op. Some properties already have homes built, others are just waiting for someone to design their own dream home. For a permanent family home or that property to escape for the weekend, all with beautiful views of either green meadows and trees, or scenic beaches, look through the listings on LandBroker Co-op to find the perfect Rhode Island property for you.

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