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The Picturesque Land of Vermont

In 1791 Vermont was the 14th state admitted to the Union. It is bordered by Canada to the north, New Hampshire to the east, Massachusetts to its south, and New York to its west. This winter wonderland with huge amounts of land for sale in Vermont is uncommon by Northeastern standards, but small when compared to the rest of the country, comprising just 9,615 square miles.

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Vermont Agriculture 

Agriculture is a large part of the state's economy, with milk and other dairy products at the top of the production list. The state has about 900 family-owned dairy farms and more than 100 milk processors. Vermont cheddar is a white cheddar that rivals all others. The Vermont real estate market has a wide range of Vermont farms for sale and more. Browse our listings today!

And speaking of milk products, Vermont is the original home of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The first retail store opened in Burlington in 1978. Those visiting to check out land for sale in Vermont should be sure to stop by.The ice cream factory is located in Waterbury, offering regular tours and tastings. Vermont is also the largest maple syrup producing state in the country, providing some 500,000 gallons each year.

Hay, oats, corn, and other grains also cover their share of Vermont real estate, grown often by dairy farmers and other livestock farms as feed for their animals. Corn and potatoes are also raised for human consumption, and apple orchards dot much of the countryside.

The Green Mountains and Winter Recreation 

Outside of its farmlands, those looking for land for sale in Vermont will want to explore a state that is known for its Green Mountains containing the highest land in the state. Actually, the name Vermont is derived from the French word "vert" meaning green and "mont" translates to mountain.

The highest peak found in the Green Mountains is Mt. Mansfield at 4,393' above sea level. A November record snowfall of 46" was seen at the summit in 2018. Some of the state's best ski resorts are located in these mountains of which have been said by some to resemble the Alps.

You’re not alone in your quest for land for sale in Vermont. It is here, in Stowe, where the von Trapp family emigrated following their escape from the Nazis as German troops took over Austria during the onset of WWII. Their story was made famous in the 1965 film, "The Sound of Music." The family's ski lodge, Trapp Family Lodge, remains a special day and is run by descendants of George and Maria.

Forested Land 

About 78% of Vermont land is considered forested, the majority of which is privately owned. It is here where the maple trees grow. Other deciduous trees include birch, beech, elm, and ash. White pine, Blue spruce, Norway spruce, and Northern white cedar also abound.

The Cities 

Prime property and land for sale in Vermont extends to the cities.There are 623,600-plus residents in Vermont, none of whom live in particularly large cities. The capital of Vermont is Montpelier with a population of about 8,000. Burlington is the largest city with just over 42,200. The University of Vermont is located here with a student body of nearly 12,000.

Vermont real estate offers something for everyone!

Vermont Fun Facts 

  • The state is home to more than 100, 19th century covered wooden bridges.
  • Abundant wildflower blooms are found in springtime include those of wild bleeding heart, buttercup, pink fairies, and sweet white violet.
  • No billboards are allowed in the state.
  • Vermont was the first state to abolish slavery in 1777 prior to its admittance into the Union in 1791.
  • More Vermonters live in rural lands than within urban city limits.

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