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History reveals people used to hunt as an affordable way to put food on the table. Today's hunters spend big dollars to be able to hunt to put food on the table. According to the Victoria Advocate, the breeding and hunting of deer brings $1.6 million into the Texas economy annually. There's a big attraction to hunting and Texas offers a lot of it.

Texas Game

It's not only the deer, but there's also pronghorns, bighorn sheep, collared peccary, squirrel, and gators. Birdlife hunting includes quail, bobwhite, and ducks. For the 2015-2016 season, the state sold more than 1.2 million hunting licenses. That is topped by fishing, however, with more than 1.7 fishing licenses sold. Licenses are required for either, and those interested should not only obtain a license but learn and understand the laws for the state. The different types of game have different requirements, so be informed.

Investment Fishing & Hunting Properties

If you enjoy hunting or fishing yourself and are looking for hunting land to invest in, Texas has a lot to offer. Look to purchase a larger piece of acreage than you would for your own personal use, 100 acres or more. You can build a lodge, a group of cabins, or create a designated RV park area, or look for a listing that already has commercial lodging. Consider offering guided tours to the best locations on your property.

Hunting Land for Personal Use

Maybe you are looking for retirement property or a weekend getaway to get out of town and enjoy the wilderness. You may want to consider a smaller parcel, maybe 20-50 acres with a cabin retreat, or build your own cabin to fit your needs. You certainly don't have to enjoy hunting to take in the great outdoors. Build a porch where you can enjoy the starry night sky.

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