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Colorado is known for its snow-capped Rocky Mountain peaks, the Mile-High City of Denver, and a lot of greenery, water, and fresh air. It is a prime state for hunting big game and small, and fishing trout in the many rivers traveling down the state.

In the fiscal year of 2016-17, more than one-half million hunting tags were sold in Colorado, and that is separate from the 85,000 combined small-game hunting-fishing licenses. There are 22 million acres of public land on which to hunt for elk, pronghorn, and small game, but there are also millions of private acres on which landowners can do the same on their own property.

Colorado's Geography & Climate

Colorado is made up of its high-rising rugged mountains and a vast amount of plains. In the southern portion of the state, you will also find desert terrain, canyons, and landforms. Due to the higher altitudes of much of state, the average being 6,800 feet above sea level, Colorado sees an abundance of snow in the winter with a lot of melt and runoff in the late spring and summer traveling down the Colorado, Rio Grande, and Arkansas rivers, to name a few.

Private Land Available in Colorado

While much of the forested area, close to 70 percent, is owned by the federal government, much of the lower-lying land, some 7.1 million acres, belongs to private landowners. For the hunter and angler, there's a lot of hunting land for sale in those foothills and plains with breathtaking views no matter which way you turn. If you are considering a land purchase to satisfy the outdoorsman activities you enjoy, Colorado has much to offer.

On some of the private land available, you can enjoy the hunting and fishing that public lands also offer, but without interference from others. Some properties already have cabins or homes built, others are just waiting for the right landowner to develop them further.

Colorado Hunting Investment Property

If looking to take your investment a bit further, consider the purchase of a larger amount of acreage. There's a lot you can do on your own private land to subsidize your income. Colorado has a large cattle ranching community. Consider fencing in part, or all of your property, and run your own herd. Or, maybe you'd like to consider sharing your hobbies with others and offer private hunting grounds on a limited membership basis. Add a few cabins and you will have a hunting retreat you can open to anyone of your choosing.

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