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More than 8.5 million people live within the 305 square miles of the five boroughs of New York City. That leaves a population of 11 million people living within the rest of the state's 54,555 square miles. The second-largest city of Buffalo has 256,000 people and in third is Albany with less than 100,000.

While it isn't talked about as much, outside of the large urban population, New York has a lot of rural lands. It is the largest state within the Northeast. It is made up of the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains, and the Allegheny Plateau. It is home to many lakes including the Finger Lakes and Lake Champlain. It also shares Niagara Falls with Ontario, Canada.

New York's Land & Hunting

Some 63 percent of the land in New York is covered in forest, most commonly with maple, beech, and birch. A quarter of it is public land, owned by the state and federal governments. Another close to one-quarter of the land in this state belongs to private farmers. And on almost all of the private timberland and farmland, landowners can hunt.

Some 700,000 New Yorkers hunt, while another 50,000, or so, visiting the state each year also hunt. White-tail deer is the number one animal sought out by hunters here. Other game includes bear, wild turkey, migratory waterfowl, and small game. Much of the regulations applied to hunting on public land also applies to hunting on private land including bag limits.

Private Land for Sale

There is farmland, timberland, and recreational land for sale in New York, most of which is good land for hunting and fishing. From 20 to 100 acres, or more of undeveloped timberland to similar sizes of prime farmland with big, old-fashioned farmhouses and barns, New York land can be a good investment while bringing in income through farming, the timber industry, and the hunting industry. City dwellers and tourists are tired of overrun public lands. There's now a demand for hunting and tourism spots on private land with guided tours and overnight lodging.

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