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San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard

8810 Van Gordon Creek Road, San Simeon, CA
Status: Active
Property Type
Home with Acreage
620 acres
San Luis Obispo, CA
Water Well
Work Shop
List Date
Aug 9, 2023
San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard
San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard Water System
OVERVIEW: San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard is an exquisite 620± acre property with astounding, panoramic vistas of the Pacific Ocean, the enveloping vineyards and rolling hills. San Simeon Vineyard is comprised of 72± acres planted in Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, Syrah and Chardonnay. The areas surrounding the vineyard are utilized for cattle grazing. San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard is improved with one residence with attached garage, two shops, offices, and barn. San Simeon Ranch Water is provided via one well, three springs and three seasonal creeks offering adequate supplies for domestic, vineyard, and agricultural uses. LOCATION/LOCALE: San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard is situated at 8810 Van Gordon Creek Road in San Simeon, California, approximately two miles north of the town of Cambria on Highway 1. The gated ranch entrance is accessed via Van Gordon Creek Road. There is a second gate on Noel Way. World renowned Hearst Castle is seven miles north of the Ranch, and quaint beach-towns pepper Highway 1 near the Ranch. Downtown Paso Robles, which offers dining, entertainment, and shopping, is located 45 minutes east of the Ranch. San Luis Obispo, the county seat, is positioned 50 minutes southeast. The property is a 42-mile drive to San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport, with commercial service daily to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, and Seattle connecting to national and international flights. Paso Robles Municipal Airport is 38 miles northeast of the Ranch. IMPROVEMENTS: San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard is improved with a main residence, built in 1946 and remodeled in 2000. The main home offers stunning vistas of the encircling scenery and encloses 1,691± square feet while includes 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with an attached garage. The residence is presently subject to a two-year lease (exp. 2025, with option to renew) producing $3,200 monthly income. San Simeon is further improved with a rustic barn utilized for equipment storage and two adjacent shops, one which includes offices and bathroom. Amid the vineyards, there is also a picnic area primarily used for worker’s meal breaks. The property is also cross and perimeter fenced. Additionally, near the mid-section of the northern border, there is 1± acre pad ideally suited for a home site. The location offers spectacular views of the coast as well as the circumscribing countryside and is conveniently situated off Noel Way providing both privacy and easy access. MAIN HOUSE: • 1,691± square feet • 3 bedroom, 2 bath • Built in 1946, Remodeled in 2000 ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS: • Barn with Equipment Storage • Shop with Offices & Bathroom • Storage Shop • Storage and picnic area • Scenic home site • Numerous tanks, troughs and cattleguards WATER: San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard water is supplied via one well producing 120± gallons per minute. Water is pumped from the well to four, hilltop storage tanks. Water is then distributed for domestic and vineyard use. The vineyard is drip irrigated, water for which is gravity fed from the hilltop storage tanks. There are four additional wells that exist on the property, one of which is capped. The other three wells are unimproved and have not been utilized by the current owners. There are also three springs. Water from two of the springs is captured in two 5,000 gallon water tanks and utilized for landscape irrigation. Water from the third spring feeds a cattle trough utilized for grazing. Furthermore, there are three seasonal creeks which provide water for the cattle and wildlife. Click here to learn more. ACREAGE & ZONING: San Simeon Ranch & Vineyard encompasses 620± acres, zoned Agriculture. Covered under the Williamson Act Contract, San Simeon is comprised of a 72±-acre vineyard with the balance dedicated to headquarters and grazing land. There are three legal, certified, parcels consisting of Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APN) 013-021-008, 013-021-009 & 013-021-010. Property taxes for the 2022/2023 tax year were approximately $45,000. OPERATIONS: San Simeon Vineyard is positioned in the SLO Coast AVA, one of California’s newest appellations spanning 80 miles of coastline and running from Ragged Point to Nipomo, bordered on the east by the Santa Lucia Mountain range. A vast majority of the appellation (97%) lies within six miles of the Pacific Coast. The close proximity to the coast affords a moderate but cool climate and an exceptionally long growing season. San Simeon Vineyard sits in the northern portion of the SLO Coast AVA, where the soils are derived from sandstone, shale, and sedimentary rock. These soils are older and contain high mineral content while also being thin and rocky on the hills, with deep clay loam on the flats. The 72±-acre San Simeon Vineyard consists of over 89,500 vines planted in Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, Syrah and Chardonnay. Pinot Noir comprises the majority with 52.5± acres. Pinot Gris is next with 8.7± acres, followed by Chardonnay with 7.6± acres and the balance of varieties with 1± and 2± acres. Over the last three years, the vineyard has produced an average of 62± tons per year. The grapes are utilized by the owners to produce their own wines and sold to local high-end producers. Block Rows Variety Clone Root Acres Spacing VPA Dir Plant Graft SS1 1-24 Pinot Noir 667 101-14 2.98 8' X 4' 1361 98 2002 SS2 1-15 Pinot Noir 667 101-14 3.36 8' X 4' 1361 98 2002 SS3 1-28 Pinot Noir 667 101-14 6.66 10' X 3' 1452 98 02 & 15 SS4 1-48 Pinot Noir 667 101-14 7.05 10' X 3' 1452 98 02 & 15 SS5 1-33 Pinot Noir 667 101-14 6.94 10' X 6' 726 98 2002 SS6 1-60 Pinot Noir 777 101-14 7.24 10' X 6' 726 98 2002 CAM1 1-74 Pinot Noir 115 101-14 2.89 10' X 3' 1452 98 02 & 17 CAM2 1-61 Pinot Noir 115 101-14 7.36 10' X 3' 1452 98 02 & 17 CAM3 1-50 Pinot Noir 115 101-14 7.08 10' X 6' 726 98 2002 PB1 1-60 Pinot Gris 4 101-14 4.47 10' X 6' 726 98 2002 2003 PB2 1-60 Pinot Gris 4 101-14 4.24 10' X 6' 726 98 2002 2014 PC1 1-17 Syrah 470 101-14 1.24 10' X 3' 1452 98 02 & 16 2014 PC2 1-40 Syrah 174 101-14 1.16 10' X 3' 1452 0 02 & 16 VGC1 1-39 Chardonnay 4 1103P 1.96 6' X 3' 2420 0 2015 VGC2 1-23 Chardonnay 37 1103P 1.90 6' X 3' 2420 0 2016 VGC3 1-18 Chardonnay 80 1103P 1.59 6' X 3' 2420 0 2016 VGC4 1-46 Chardonnay 76 1103P 2.20 6' X 3' 2420 0 2016 VGC5 1-37 P. Meunier 1 1103P 0.87 6' X 3' 2420 48 2017 2018 VGC6 1-18 Pinot Noir 97 1103P 0.33 6' X 3' 2420 7 2020 VGC7 1-14 Pinot Noir 37 1103P 0.56 6' X 3' 2420 40 2020 Additionally, there is an existing, year-to-year grazing lease for 500± acres of San Simeon Ranch, producing approximately $7,500 annual income. PRICE: $6,100,000
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