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So Why Nevada

Nevada is an interesting state with a varied history that involves mining, railroad, and casinos. It's also a state that has been the backdrop for some of our favorite cowboy movies. Although Nevada isn't a place to view beautiful vegetation, its landscape is unique, rich and varied. Many amazing things are hidden from plain view in the desert landscape. Look closer, and you'll find deserts inhabited by rare turtles, ancient carvings, and other hidden treasures. It's a great state to own property, as cities continue to expand in Nevada and new business ventures are always popping up.

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A Bit About Nevada 

Nevada achieved statehood on October 31, 1864. The capital of Nevada, Carson City, is to the west of the state. Much of the landscape is Nevada is rocky and quiet, covered by desert and inhabited by creatures such as turtles and snakes. The state bird is the mountain bluebird, a sacred symbol for many Native American tribes because of its bright azure feathers. In the summer, it can get very hot in Nevada, but the state is known for its arid conditions year-round. Due to its arid conditions, the Nevada ranches for sale are a steal.

Nevada is known for its gambling, grand casinos, luxurious hotels, and free-wheeling nature. There is Nevada land for sale that will put you close to the action. There is always something entertaining going on in Las Vegas, whether you're visiting to gamble to have a good time or happen to make it to the city during the annual Elvis Presley impersonator competition. Las Vegas is the state's largest city and a beloved destination for thousands of tourists every year, and it's easy to understand why. There's just no place quite like it in the world.

Nevada also features greenery, lakes, and great expanses of flat hunting lands that you can easily make your home. There are hundreds of acres of National Parks to explore as well.

Places to Go & See in Nevada 

Aside from Las Vegas, there is a wealth of beauty to explore in Nevada. Great Basin National Park stands majestically with its 5,000-year-old bristlecone pine trees. Although you probably associate Nevada with the desert, in the winter, Great Basin offers ski slopes and snowshoeing. Some of the Nevada Land for sale through Land Broker Co-op will place your home near these amazing landmarks and outdoor activities.

A manmade wonder you must see is the Hoover Dam, the single most substantial public works project in the history of the United States.

Once you've been there, explore Lake Mead, a giant lake about 40 minutes outside of Las Vegas. This tourist destination is the largest reservoir in the country and has been enjoyed by tourists since the 1950s. Often, families would seek out smaller plots of land for sale to be closer to their summer recreation.

Opportunities in Nevada 

There is Nevada land for sale that is sparsely populated, with gorgeous cities that remain uncrowded. There are plenty of lands, but the cities and towns remain uncrowded. There are often ranches, a plot with trees, and even many acres with a natural water source available in local listings. Buying land in Nevada is a smart choice!

While the state is mainly known for its gambling, agriculture is one of Nevada's most important industries. Land for sale is often used for agricultural purposes. Due to this, Nevada’s ranches for sale are a bargain and a great long term investment.

There are places to hunt and large ranches and farms available in sparsely-populated areas. Nevada's ranches average about 3,500 acres in size, giving space to raise cattle, sheep, hogs, and other animals.

Farming is also a popular business in Nevada. Alfalfa hay is the leading crop, and alfalfa seed is harvested as well. Other crops that do well in Nevada include potatoes, garlic, corn, barley, wheat, and oats. Agriculture revenue contributes significantly to the state as a whole.

Buy Land in Nevada 

If you enjoy big, wide open space with the ability to hunt, farm, ranch and live freely, investing in Nevada property may be the right choice for you. The state is lovely and unique, with plenty of possibilities for the future. Buy a piece of this Nevada Land for sale, and get a plot of these awesome aspects.

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