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Lucky 7 Ranch

NHN Hwy 95, McDermitt, NV
Status: Active
Property Type
Equestrian Property
6,700 acres
Humboldt, NV
List Date
Jun 24, 2021
6,700± Deeded Acres | 162,271± BLM Grazing Allotment Acres | 168,971± Total Acres Headquartered in the northern reaches of the Great Basin near the border town of McDermitt, Nevada, is the Lucky 7 Ranch. This fully functioning ranch boasts all the efficiencies expected of a high desert outfit. It encompasses 3,135± deeded acres in Oregon and 3,565± deeded acres in Nevada, with an expansive 162,271± acres of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) grazing allotment consisting primarily of crested wheat seedings and native rangeland grasses, showcasing its vastness and functional excellence. Lucky 7 is a cattle ranch in the truest form, with 2,000± skillfully managed animal units and consistent production of high-grade protein from its esteemed calf crop. Set against the dramatic backdrop of the Owyhee desert, Trout Creek Mountains, and Santa Rosa Range, the ranch is home to experienced cowboys and their loyal horses and dogs, preserving the ageless ranching traditions. Their work is a tribute to the cowboy heritage, cementing a lasting legacy. Cooperating with the Bureau of Land Management and neighboring ranches, The Lucky 7 Ranch is a beacon of sustainable ranching. Headquartered in Nevada and extending into Oregon, the ranch enjoys the advantages of the state’s profound ranching history, including economical feed, low operating costs, plentiful water, and top-tier ranch facilities, offering a singular chance to possess a segment of Oregon and Nevada vast landscapes. Sustainable Cattle Ranching Heritage Nestled in the heart of the American West, Lucky 7 Ranch spans over 6,700± deeded acres across Oregon and Nevada, with an additional 162,271± acres of BLM grazing allotment. This cattle ranch, deeply rooted in cowboy traditions, manages around 2,000 animal units, vividly portraying the region’s rich ranching history. Melding the rugged beauty of the Owyhee desert and surrounding mountains with sustainable practices, Lucky 7 is a modern monument to a timeless way of life.
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Fay Ranches Broker
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Fay Ranches Inc
Bozeman, Montana
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