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There's a lot of wide-open space in Wyoming – nearly 98,000 square miles of it. With a population below 580,000 there are less than six people to every mile. It contains great cattle grazing country, as well as good hunting land.

An estimated 134,500 hunters live in the state, and a whole lot more come to visit. In fact, the hunting industry brings some $788 million annually into Wyoming's economy through the purchase of equipment, licensing, travel and amenities. The state is known for an abundance of elk, moose, deer, antelope, bison, bighorn sheep, and mountain goat.

Land, Rivers and the Grand Tetons

Wyoming shares Yellowstone National Park with the neighboring states of Montana and Idaho. That park adjoins Grand Tetons National Park to its south, all lying within the northwestern portion of the state. The mountainous backdrops here rival anywhere else in the country.

Below the mountains lie the plains and prairies, which in their own right are at about 6,500-feet above sea level. In fact, the lowest point in Wyoming is along the Belle Fourche River at the South Dakota border, sitting at 3,100-feet. Speaking of rivers, there is great fly-fishing along the Bighorn, Snake, and North Platte rivers along with the Belle Fourche and others.

Wyoming Hunting Land for Sale

If you are looking for wide-open spaces, you will find them in Wyoming. Quality grazing prairie land, heavily forested land, farmland, and development lots are all available, most of which also make for good hunting property. If you are looking to make an income off the property you live, cattle, horse, and bison ranching is big here. You can find developed property with a home or log cabin for a year-round home or vacation retreat.

If you are interested in sharing your sporting hobby, consider investing in property to invite hunting tourism. With public land seeing more and more use, there is a growing demand for private land adventures and expeditions be it hunting, fishing, or photography.

Whether you are looking to buy a small amount of acreage or a big piece of land, Wyoming has good land, a lot of water, and breathtaking views. Check out the hunting property listings here on Land Broker MLS. Want to see more? Broaden your search with the categories section along the left-hand side of the page.

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