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In 1943, Rodgers and Hammerstein's first musical depicted Oklahoma as a wonderful place to live: Where the waving wheat, Can sure smell sweet, When the wind comes right behind the rain. While we don't know if either Richard Rodgers or Oscar Hammerstein had ever been to Oklahoma, they certainly got the lyrics right.

In 1907, Oklahoma was the 46th state admitted to the Union. While its surrounding states had obtained their statehood long prior, the Oklahoma and Indian territories were originally set aside as a home for the American Indians. Many people from various tribes were moved to the area during the 1880s and 1890s, but by 1907, it was decided to make the area the State of Oklahoma, which translates to "red people."

Oklahoma's "Wind," Weather, and Geography

It is true, the wind can pick up in Oklahoma and some areas of the state face tornadoes each year as do other states along the Great Plains. The state varies from 290' above sea level to nearly 5,000' at Black Mesa, with a mean average of 1,300' above sea level, overall. It can get cold in places during the winter. The state capital of Oklahoma City lies almost dead center in the state, and at 1,200' above sea level, it sees about six inches of snow per year. It also receives close to 40" of rain annually.

The state is not flat like some assume. Most of its 68,700 square miles are made up of low-lying mountains such as the Kiamichi, Arbuckle Mountains, and the Wichita Range. The plateaus and plains lie between the mountain ranges. Its thin panhandle measures 166 miles in length, and only 34 miles wide.

Land and Economy

There's a lot of farming and ranching in Oklahoma. Some 80% of the state is farmland of which 81% is divided into 500 acre lots or less. As the song eluded to there's an abundance of wheat grown here. In fact, winter wheat is the primary crop followed by grain corn, cotton, and soybeans.

However, it's beef cattle that adds the most to the economy with Oklahoma being one of five primary cattle-raising areas in the country. Cattle ranching contributes $2.54 billion in gross income to the state's economy. Other livestock includes poultry, hogs, and dairy cows.

In total, agriculture contributes $28 billion to the state each year. Other crops include peaches, peanuts, pecans, and watermelon.

About 28% of Oklahoma is forest acreage with the industry contributing $3.3 billion to the state. Small to large sawmills are dotted around the state's timberland. Ninety percent of those forests are privately owned. The forest land is diverse with more than 150 different species of trees in nine different types of forests. The Oklahoma Forestry Services maintains a nursery store offering bare-root and potted seedlings to those in the area.

Acreage for Sale

There's a lot of diversity in acreage for sale throughout Oklahoma, and land here is reasonably priced. There is an abundance of 20-50-acre lots for sale with homes and barns for family farms, and larger properties into hundreds of acres for cattle ranching and larger farming operations. Auction properties are often highlighted.

Timber and forestry land is abundant with opportunities of smaller land lots for sale with recreational cabins or weekend getaway homes already in place, or affording the opportunity to develop your own. Much of the land has nearby fishing and/or hunting opportunities. If you are looking for larger investment land, there's plenty of timber country available for that, too. Maintain your own logging operation or lease out part of the property and put a home up surrounded by Oklahoma wildlife on the rest.

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