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Hansen Ridge Ranch

NHN Cougar Ridge Rd., Anatone, WA
Status: Active
Property Type
Hunting Land
Recreational Land
997 acres
Asotin, WA
List Date
Oct 13, 2023
Hansen Ridge Ranch is a testament to a classic Western way of life in the heart of the breathtaking Grande Ronde River Corridor. Sprawling across nearly 1,000± acres of prime timbered grassland, this property is the perfect getaway for adventurers and ranching enthusiasts. As you gaze upon the landscape, you’ll be captivated by sweeping views of the majestic 4-O Ranch Wildlife Area, a sight that never grows old. With easy access to the Grande Ronde River, rolling pastures, and the serenity of Cottonwood Creek and Cougar Creek flowing year-round, this ranch embodies tranquility and natural beauty. For over 75 years, it has stood as a homestead cattle ranch, and now, it’s ready to be your turnkey livestock operation, inviting you to be a part of its rich history. But the allure of Hansen Ridge Ranch extends far beyond its ranching legacy. This property is a gateway to a world of recreation and adventure. Imagine stepping out your door and having Chief Joseph Wildlife Area’s 25,000± acres of public-use land as your backyard playground. Whether you’re an avid angler seeking world-class fishing opportunities or a seasoned hunter pursuing the perfect game, this ranch provides unparalleled access to some of the finest outdoor experiences the Blue Mountains offer. And let’s remember the conveniences of everyday life. Hansen Ridge Ranch is not just about a secluded escape; it’s also about practicality. You’ll find yourself in proximity to essential amenities, ensuring that the rustic charm of country living doesn’t come at the cost of convenience. Whether it’s a trip to town for supplies or a leisurely drive to soak in the local culture, this ranch offers the best of both worlds. Picture yourself lounging on the patio, a cool breeze rustling through the tall grass and a panoramic view of the Grande Ronde River Corridor stretching out before you. Imagine casting your line into the pristine waters of Cottonwood Creek, the promise of a fresh catch lingering in the air. Or perhaps you’re setting out on an adventure through the vast Chief Joseph Wildlife Area, your heart pounding as you follow the trail of elusive game. In the heart of the Blue Mountains, Hansen Ridge Ranch isn’t just a piece of land; it’s an opportunity to live a life steeped in the beauty of nature, tradition, and adventure. This is your chance to own a classic Western cattle ranch, where every day feels like a page out of a cowboy’s tale, and the memories you create here will be as enduring as the land itself. Seize this opportunity, make Hansen Ridge Ranch your own, and let the landscape and lifestyle it offers become a cherished part of your story.
Listing Agent
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Fay Ranches Broker
Co-Op Member Owner
Fay Ranches Inc
Bozeman, Montana
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