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The Ultimate Pheasant Hunt

TBD County Rd 34, Lake Andes, SD
Status: Active
Property Type
Hunting Land
Recreational Land
300 acres
Charles Mix, SD
List Date
Nov 21, 2023
Imagine owning a premier pheasant hunting property. Welcome to the epitome of pheasant hunting perfection located in south central South Dakota. Over the past 24 years, this pheasant hunting habitat has been meticulously designed and managed to create a haven for both seasoned and aspiring hunters. Located adjacent to a national wildlife refuge in addition to several hundred adjoining acres, which are enrolled in a permanent USFW grassland easement, this 300± acre private sanctuary promises hunting experiences that are second to none. The surrounding protected habitat provides a natural magnet for a diverse range of wildlife. With plentiful water sources and thoughtfully placed shelterbelts, the property not only fosters a thriving pheasant population but also attracts various other species, contributing to a vibrant and balanced ecosystem. This haven for pheasant hunting enthusiasts boasts an array of features designed to optimize the hunting experience. The shelterbelts provide natural cover, giving the birds a sense of security while offering hunters optimal vantage points for a successful hunt. The ample food plots strategically positioned throughout the property ensure that wild pheasants not only frequent the area but the property also produces waterfowl, whitetail deer, turkey, and doves. This property’s dedication to maintaining a purely wild pheasant population is what sets it apart. These birds are allowed to flourish naturally in their environment, untouched by human interference or artificial breeding, making each hunt an authentic and rewarding experience. This commitment to preserving the wild pheasant population ensures that hunters have the opportunity to test their skills against the resilience and instincts of truly wild game. This ultimate pheasant hunting property in South Dakota is not just a place to hunt; it’s an experience that celebrates the harmony between man, nature, and the thrill of the pursuit. With its expertly managed landscape, abundant wildlife, and commitment to preserving the purity of the sport, this property represents the apex of pheasant hunting adventures in the heart of South Dakota. There’s nothing more exciting than exploding, wild, ring-necked roosters!
Listing Agent
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Fay Ranches Broker
Co-Op Member Owner
Fay Ranches Inc
Bozeman, Montana
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