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Hunters enjoy a long hunting season in Missouri, where there is an abundance of deer, groundhog, opossum, rabbit, pheasant, waterfowl, turkey, and crow to name a few of the species permitted for hunting here. In fact, over the past few decades hunting has been on the rise with some 576,000 residents, and non-residents, seeking permits to hunt in the state, according to data from a government census taken earlier in the '10s. Hunting adds a lot of dollars into the state's economy and is advantageous for local business owners, as well.

Missouri Land

Missouri isn't known for having much in the way of mountains. In fact, the highest point is a mere 1,772' above sea level at Taum Sauk Mountain. Much of the state is made-up of prairie land with some scattered woodlands, as it borders along the Great Plains to the west. It sees its share of rainfall, about 43 inches a year, depending upon which part of the state you live in.

About 93 percent of Missouri's 44.6 million acres are privately owned. And, outside of the urban areas lies much of that prairie and woodlands, which are prime areas for hunting activities. Some of that Missouri hunting property is for sale.

What Hunting Brings to the State

A few years back that same government census revealed that hunting-related expenditures in the state totaled some $907 million. Included in that were not only permits, but equipment, transportation, and food and lodging. Hunters averaged 10.1 million days in the field that year.

Hunting licenses and permits help generate funds for wildlife management, not only within state and federal properties but by keeping track of animals statewide, whether available as game or not.

Hunting Land for Sale in Missouri

Whether you have an interest in your own private hunting spot in some of Missouri's more rustic areas or are interested in developing income property attracting hunters and/or anglers alike, there are properties for sale in Missouri with smaller increments of land or larger. Whether you want just one private cabin in the woods, or are interested in creating a nest of them as lodging for the hunting community to stay while spending their weekends, or week-long stays in the field, there is most likely just what you seek available here.

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