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Types of Property Available in Alabama

When it comes to property in Alabama, there's something for everyone. The state's topography is varied. There is land for sale in Alabama near Mobile. The property is sea-level with some parcels providing a stunning view of the Gulf of Mexico. There are also mountainous areas that appeal to outdoor lovers who enjoy hiking and camping. The wetlands provide a great place for fishing and boating, while areas like the Black Belt and Tennessee Valley regions are perfect for farming and ranching. Alabama's economy is strongest in Jefferson County which is home to a DC BLOX's data center, an Amazon fulfillment center, and Shipt's headquarters.

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The wild, rugged beauty of the Alaskan landscape is the stuff dreams are made of. Existence far from the bustling crowd is just one of the things that make living in Alaska totally unique. It has massive size and vastly different environments. Listings that have land for sale in Alaska may be near, or include, mountainous regions, glaciers, gigantic forests, and active volcanoes. Alaska is also home to some of the most extreme weather in the world. Alaska's enormous scale is difficult to comprehend, covering 663,268 square miles. It is our nation's largest state. The northern part of the state of Alaska is above the Arctic Circle and is mostly tundra and tiny villages. Finding land for sale in Alaska can be challenging.

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The Diversity of Arizona's Land

The Grand Canyon state, Arizona, is known for its colorful mountains and its rich Native American history. Because of its warm, dry weather, it has become a magnet for retirees, although the average age of its citizens is in the mid-30s. Finding your perfect plot of land for sale in Arizona is perfect for any age group.The topography of Arizona is diverse. As such it is difficult to pin down average temperatures statewide. The average elevation is about 4,000' above sea level. The state capitol, Phoenix, is located at about 1,000' with lows in the '40s during the winter and highs well over 100 degrees in the summer. The annual rainfall is around 8".

Flagstaff to the north rises to nearly 7,000' above sea level. It dips down into the teens for lows in winter and rarely hits much above 80 in the summertime. Here you'll see more like 23" of annual rainfall and up to 100" of snow!

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Arkansas is a land of many rivers and diverse natural beauty.

Bordered on one side by the majestic Mississippi River and bordered by Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, this Southern state has a prime location. Although Arkansas makes most of its revenue from the service industry, agriculture is next, with rolling farmland covering 36% of the state. Right now is a perfect time to look for land for sale in Arkansas.

Arkansas has a deep history in agriculture which is why it is still one of its staple industries today. The state also has a thriving tourism industry, as home to former President William Jefferson Clinton and the Presidential Library in Little Rock, and breathtaking natural beauty. With everything this state has going for it, now is a great time to buy land in Arkansas.

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Beautiful California!

These idyllic images of sunny seaside and city landscapes exist, so it's easy to forget that there's a whole state full of beautiful scenery outside these urban and coastal regions. From arid, to tropical, to dense forests, California contains all of it! There is land for sale in California that can offer you any of these climates.

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There are few areas of the country who have retained their rustic beauty as well as Colorado has.

Colorado is a veritable outdoors mecca, offering a little bit of something for everyone, regardless of skill level. Colorado holds some of the best destinations in the country for a variety of extreme sports, from snow skiing/boarding, snowmobiling, hiking, biking, white water rafting, camping, zip lining, fishing, and mountaineering.

The region is unique in that it offers easy access to mountains, lakes, rivers, and many more types of terrain only seen in this area of the country. Regardless of whether you are searching for a serene mountain getaway where your closest neighbor is miles away, or a premium location in the middle of a burgeoning city, Land Broker Co-op can fulfill all your needs in finding land for sale in Colorado.

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Connecticuts Geography and Climate

Located in the Northeast, Connecticut is a rather small state spanning under 5,000 square miles. Its capital is Hartford with a population of 123,400. Bridgeport, on the Atlantic coast, is a bit larger with a population nearing 148,000. Stamford and New Haven each have populations between 125,000 and 131,000 people. Away from those urban populations, Connecticut has a lot of land for sale where timber, agriculture, and recreation can be found.

Connecticut is an interesting blend of bays and inlets, small islands, beaches, and river estuaries. In the central to the western portion of the state, you find hills and low mountains which are heavily forested with small, narrow valleys. Its low point is at sea level, along parts of its shoreline. The highest natural point is Mt. Frissell at 2,380 feet above sea level. The state is broken down into eight counties.

The weather here is relatively mild. The mean temperature in January is in the mid-20s, a little warmer along the coast. And, the mean summer temps are in the high 70s to mid-80s. Hartford, which lies almost center in the state, sees about 49 inches of rainfall each year, and an average of 38 inches of snow.

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Delaware's Geography and Climate

Delaware is not very large but is known as the First State and an important one at that. One of the 13 original colonies, Delaware was the first to ratify the US Constitution. In fact, on the first of July in 1776, it was Brigadier-General Caesar Rodney, Delaware's representative to the Continental Congress, who rode 80 miles to Philadelphia even though ailing from severe asthma, to cast the deciding vote in favor of America's independence.

Located in northern New England, Delaware is a mere 96 miles long and 39 miles wide. It is sometimes referred to as the Small Wonder. Comprised of only three counties, it is less than 2,500 square miles with a population of under one-million people. Although it is small, there are still opportunities for land for sale in Delaware. Its capital is Dover in Kent County with a population of just above 37,500 people.

The mean elevation of Delaware is 60' above sea level. The lowest point is sea level itself where the land meets up with the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Its high point is off of Ebright Rd., just south of the Pennsylvania border, where a mobile home park sits at 450' above sea level.

The state is divided into two different land regions. The Atlantic Coastal Plain is where most of its land lies. It's flat here and has some 30,000 acres of swampland. The northern edge of the state lies in the Piedmont Region with low rolling hills. In Dover, there is an average rainfall of 45 inches per year. The city also sees about 15 inches of snow each year.

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Beaches, and Ranches, Wetlands and More.

Florida is home to world-class beaches and state parks, along with lifestyle choices so varied that you can select from the Caribbean feel of Miami, the down-home southern flavor of Tallahassee, or any number of more tourist focused locations such as Orlando or Key West. In addition to more well-known urban areas Florida offers thousands of options for extreme rural living, suburb outskirts, and full scale commercial agriculture with land for sale in Florida and acreage for sale in Florida.

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A Variety of Different Land Options

Known for its delicious juicy peaches and deeply rooted history in the cotton industry, Georgia is a family-oriented state that welcomes new guests and residents with arms wide open. Georgia is a state that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts, farmers, urban dwellers, and maritime professionals alike, thanks to its diverse geography and close proximity to the Atlantic coast. If you are looking to purchase a piece of land for sale in Georgia or acreage and houses for sale in Georgia for recreation, home building, farming, or just as a commercial investment, this peachy state offers a variety of different land options to suit your needs.

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'Paradise Found' - Land for Sale in Hawaii

Many consider Hawaii paradise! It's a location attracting visitors time and time again. One can only dream of living in the islands, but actually it isn't all that farfetched. Unless you're ready to retire, you'll still need to make a living. Take a look at our listings for Land for Sale in Hawaii and Maui. Why not, as they say, live off the land?

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Reasons to Love Idaho

When most people think about Idaho, they picture a state that is one potato farm after another. Individuals think you typically buy any farmland for sale in Idaho. While Idaho farmers do produce approximately 30% of all the potatoes grown in the United States, those who call Idaho home quickly point out that the state has a great deal to offer its residents. There are Idaho ranches and property for sale that exhibit these phenomenal qualities that do not revolve around potato production.

If you've decided it's time to relocate to another state, there are four compelling reasons to make Idaho your new home state.

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Looking To Buy Land in Illinois?

Illinois, known as "The Land of Lincoln" and "The Prairie State" offers the world-class city of Chicago where a quarter of Illinoisans live. Its many ethnic neighborhoods make it possible to experience a world tour of sights, sounds, and tastes from Greektown to Chinatown. Major sports teams such as the Bears, the Bulls, and the Blackhawks call Chicago home. If you order a hot dog when you're out to a ballgame, remember that a Chicago hotdog has condiments but NEVER ketchup.

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Spirit of the Midwest

The endless vistas of the Indiana landscape embody the spirit of the Midwest. It is a thriving state and the 15th most populous in the United States. The central part of farms for sale in Indiana is covered in some of the most fertile farmland in the world. Metropolises in Indiana include Indianapolis, which is packed with military memorials, monuments, and museums. In fact, Indianapolis has dedicated more acreage towards honoring our veterans than any other city in the United States.

Indiana has quite a varied terrain, stretching from the great dunes on Lake Michigan to the North, down to the fertile farmland in the South. The beautiful Wabash River flows freely for 411 miles, offering endless opportunities for boating, fishing, and recreation.

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The Number 2 Agricultural State

In the 1989 film, Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella tore out much of his corn crop on the family's Iowa farm to build a baseball diamond. "If you build it, they will come," was the voice he heard in his head. Shoeless Joe Jackson along with other members of the 1919 Chicago White Sox team came, appearing from the tall corn stalks around the field. It was an apt representation of Iowa farmland that stands true today. Perhaps, purchase farm and land for sale in Iowa and build your own backyard baseball field!

There's a good reason why people associate Iowa with farming. It is the number 2 agricultural state behind California. It's the top state in corn production and ranks second in soybean production. It also leads the U.S. in hog and egg production.

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Land for Sale in Kansas, Abundant and Available

Kansas is a state rich in farmland. It is the 7th ranking state for agriculture with approximately 59,600 farms averaging 770 acres each. Of course, there are smaller and larger spreads, depending upon the management and the product. And, organic farming is now taking a small place in this state's agriculture, with 86 farms certified organic farms.

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Kentucky's Bluegrass and Horse Farms

There is some amazing land and farms for sale in Kentucky here at LandBroker MLS. From farms and ranches to large acres and land for business development, we have you covered. Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State and home to the Kentucky Derby. The rich blue-green grass, originally introduced by Northern Europeans, is high in fiber and calcium, while low in protein making it a good feed for horses. And Kentuckians love their horses!

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Louisiana is known for its diversity, both in its land and its people. 

Louisiana state is a melting pot of cultures, and its Creole and Cajun roots combine American, African, French, Native American and French-Canadian cultures together like nowhere else in the world. Louisiana's largest city, New Orleans, is famous for its music, nightlife, and cuisine. However, there is a lot more to Louisiana than its best-known city.

This Southern state has distinct regions which are the West Gulf Coastal Plain, the Mississippi Alluvial Plain, and the East Gulf Coastal Plain. They make up the wooded areas, wetlands, and marshlands of Louisiana. Thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans, many different indigenous people occupied this area at the mouth of North America's mightiest river.

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Forests, Seafood, and Agriculture

Maine. Some consider it to be the most beautiful state in the country; certainly to those who live there, and also to the many who have visited there. With its rugged coastline and forests of white pine, beech, birch, and sugar maples this northeastern state has a lot of Maine Real Estate Listings to offer. It's located next to New Brunswick and Quebec, along the Canadian border.

While Maine is known as the Pine Tree State, it is also home to 14 native conifers and 52 native leaf trees. The lumber industry has been an important part of Maine's economy throughout its history even before earning its statehood in 1820. Nearly 90% of its land contributes to the forest industry, with more than 90% of that land being privately owned. Forest products make up about 27% of the state's exports.

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Maryland's People and Points of Interest

The seventh state of Maryland is one of two states which gave part of their territory to devote to the United States capital, Washington DC, named in honor for the first president of the country. It's a small state with 12,500 miles of land divided in half by the Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the US, and the third largest in the world. Although the size of the state leans towards the smaller side, you can still find multiple portions of land for sale in Maryland.

Maryland has a population of approximately 6 million people. While its largest city is Baltimore with close to 620,000 people, its capital is Annapolis, home to the US Naval Academy. Less than 40 miles away lies Bethesda, known for its military medical and research institutions and some of the country's top medical facilities including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and the National Institutes of Health. Besides the Naval Academy, Maryland is home to John Hopkins University, the University of Maryland, Loyola University of Maryland, and many other great colleges and universities. Also found here are the National Aquarium, the Antietam National Battlefield, and Assateague Island, where the Chincoteague ponies run free.

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Massachusetts Geography and Climate

A member of the original 13 states, Massachusetts has a place in history all its own being the location of the landing of the pilgrims on the Mayflower. The city of Lowell is the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution in the l790s, through its textile mills and factories.

Massachusetts is a small state, just over 10,500 square miles, 60 percent of which is covered by forests, especially to the west along the Berkshire and Taconic Mountains. Its highest natural point is Mount Greylock, nearly 3,500 feet above sea level at its summit. A lot of this forested land for sale in Massachusetts, close to 80 percent, is privately or family-owned. In the eastern part of the state lies the coastal plain along the Atlantic Ocean. The climate throughout most of the state provides humid, warm summers topping out in the low 80s, and cold, snowy winters with temps dipping down into the '20s. The average rainfall is between three to four inches every month of the year.

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Michigan's Farms, Forests, and Lakes

Bordering four of the Great Lakes, and containing some 11,000 smaller lakes, the State of Michigan has a lot of fresh water. It is the 10th largest state with a lot of wide, open spaces. Michigan is known as the Great Lake State and the Wolverine State. President Gerald Ford was the first and only U.S. president native to Michigan.

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Buying Land in the Land of 10,000 Lakes 

Did you know Minnesota has more recreational boats than any other state: one per every six people? If you didn't know that, did you know Minnesota is the home to the largest retail shopping center in the country? Yes! Check out our Land for Sale in MN, and get yourself closer to the action! So if you ever feel like a day of shopping in the Nation's North Star State, look no further than the Mall of America in the Minneapolis/St. Paul suburb of Bloomington -- a structure equaling 78 football fields.

As the largest retail shopping center in the United States and the host to over 40 million annual visitors, the Mall of America can boast about having more than 2,779,242 million feet of retail space (not including its amusement park, Nickelodeon® Universe), and is home to over 520 stores, 50 restaurants, 24 amusement park rides, and a 1.2 million-gallon aquarium, featuring sharks, stingrays, giant sea turtles, and more. With Land for Sale in MN, find a listing close to this shopping center, and be a part of the action.

While Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, as of 2019, the state has 11,842 lakes of 10+ acres. After all, the word "Minnesota" in Sioux means "cloudy water" or "sky-tinted water" based on "minni" (meaning water) and "sotah" (meaning "sky-tinted" or "cloudy"). Before the state received its name, "Minnesota" was first the name of the Minnesota River. In addition to these beautiful lakes, there is incredible farmland. Land Broker Co-op has farms for sale in MN.

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Come See All That Mississippi Has to Offer 

Looking for land for sale in Mississippi? Whether for business or pleasure, MS land for sale has some of the most versatile acreage in the United States. Business opportunities abound with farming and ranching being one of the largest components of the Mississippi economy with cotton, soybeans, rice and wheat being some of the most popular corps. Both agriculture and aquaculture thrive in the delta area with the majority of the United States farmed catfish coming from Mississippi fish farms. Poultry farming is Mississippi’s largest agriculture silo, with over $2 billion in poultry raised annually in the state.

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What makes Missouri so unique?

Maybe it's something in the breezes that blow from the mighty Mississippi River, or the rich, fertile soil that make agriculture the state's number one industry. Whatever the reason, there has never been a better time to look for Missouri land for sale!

Missouri became part of the United States in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase. It is now the 6th most populous state in the Union with a population of about 6 million. The famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis is a symbol of how Missouri had a vital role in the country's expansion west. The state got it's nickname "The Show Me State" because of the resident's reputation for their common sense.

Major metropolises in Missouri are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and its capital of Jefferson City. Branson, MO is a town in the Southwest Ozarks that has become one of the top family vacation destinations in the world, featuring world-class live entertainment and outdoor family adventures.

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Big Sky Country

Dreaming of buying land in Montana? The vast lands of Montana stretch from Canada to Wyoming and are as varied as the United States themselves. Long stretches of open plains, forested mountains, river valleys, caverns, and even badlands are all part of Montana's landscape. The incredible Yellowstone National Park is the jewel of Montana, but it barely outshines all of the state's breathtaking natural beauty and wilderness. For prospective property buyers, the kinds of land for sale in Montana also is breathtaking.

Custer's Last Stand took place in Montana in 1876, and it became part of the United States as the 41st state in 1889. Speculators came in droves thanks to the area's lucrative mines as the nation expanded west. Today's speculators will find a wide variety of land for sale in Montana.

It's hard to imagine how huge Montana is without being there. While it is the fourth largest state in the U.S., covering 147,040 square miles, it has a population of only around a million, making it just the third most densely populated state. The land of cattle and cowboys is not for the faint-hearted.

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There are several reasons you should consider investing in Nebraska land for sale.

 Some of the reasons include a seemingly endless list of fun outdoor activities for the family, low crime rate, low unemployment, affordable real estate combined with a low cost of living, and some of the most affordable healthcare in the country. We offer an amazing selection of family homes, small acre properties, and farms for sale in Nebraska!

Right now, nearly 2 million call Nebraska their home state. The population is growing at about 0.08% a year which makes it the 25th fastest growing state. Nebraska's most populated cities are Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, Grand Island, and Kearney.

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So Why Nevada

Nevada is an interesting state with a varied history that involves mining, railroad, and casinos. It's also a state that has been the backdrop for some of our favorite cowboy movies. Although Nevada isn't a place to view beautiful vegetation, its landscape is unique, rich and varied. Many amazing things are hidden from plain view in the desert landscape. Look closer, and you'll find deserts inhabited by rare turtles, ancient carvings, and other hidden treasures. It's a great state to own property, as cities continue to expand in Nevada and new business ventures are always popping up.

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire's Forests and Farmlands 

Land for sale in NH is home to a rich amount of history. Known as the Granite State, today New Hampshire actually mines more sand and gravel than granite, but there is much more to this state located along the Canadian border and neighboring Vermont. One of the 13 original colonies, it was the first to declare independence from England, six months prior to the actual signing of the Declaration of Independence. It was involved in the revolution, but no battles were fought there. Paul Revere's famous ride announcing "the British are coming" did take him to Portsmouth along the coast.

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New Jersey

New Jersey's Cities, Economy, and Sports 

The State of New Jersey is known for quite a few things. It is known as the Diner Capital of the World, home to more than 500 diners. It is also known for having the largest population within the smallest area in the county. The state is only about 150 miles in length and 70 miles wide, for a total of less than nine thousand square miles. The population nearing nine million people puts an average of 1,000 residents in each square mile. Even with the high population density, you can still find Land for Sale in New Jersey.

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New Mexico

A Mix of Old and New

New Mexico offers a blend of both modern and primitive feelings set against the stunning backdrop of the American Southwest. The capital, Santa Fe, is a cultural mecca for current art and dining. At the same time, it also boasts the country's oldest government building, The Palace of the Governors, built in 1610. The state is full of the old and new living side-by-side. In the same vast gypsum sand dunes where the first atom bomb was tested 10-thousand-year-old arrow tips have been found. That atom bomb was developed in Los Alamos National Laboratory, which is still a major hub of scientific research. Los Alamos is found just minutes from Bandelier National Monument, where you can explore the history of ancestral Pueblo peoples who settled in the area in roughly 1,150 A.D. Ranches are found across the state. If you’re looking for a great selection of New Mexico ranches for sale, Land Broker Co-op is a great choice.

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New York

New York was one of the original 13 colonies. 

New York is highly populated, with the overall population nearing 20 million people. That makes it the fourth most populated state in the country, while it ranks much smaller in land mass than many, with 54.5 thousand miles. This highly populated state offers a variety of land for sale in NY. There is little doubt it can be chilly in winter. Weather and precipitation vary up and down the state with daytime highs in the 30s and 40s Fahrenheit in winter, and upper 70s to mid-80s in summer. It rains all year round with an average annual rainfall of more than 46 inches. This precipitation is compounded with snow during winter.

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North Carolina

Beautiful and Diverse

With fresh salty breezes, beautiful countryside, and a friendly, welcoming environment, North Carolina truly does have it all. From the NC hunting land in the Appalachian Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean, this Southeastern state has a beautiful and diverse landscape. The state motto "First In Flight" refers to the historic achievement of the Wright brothers, and North Carolina's stunning coastline draws visitors from all over the world. Now is a fantastic time to look for land for sale in North Carolina.

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North Dakota

Getting a Feel for North Dakota 

If you love the small-town vibe and being surrounded by wide open spaces, North Dakota is the place for you. No matter what part of the state you visit, you're treated to a warm smile, a neighborly attitude and a beautiful variety of homes, ranches, farms, and hunting land for sale.

One of the things that makes North Dakota unusual is that the way the state's boundaries are laid out means that North Dakota is linked to two different physiographic regions. The eastern part of the state is in the Central Plains, while the Great Plains makes up the west. The eastern border is called the Red River Valley and represents the lowest point, 750 ft (229 m) in North Dakota's topography. North Dakota's highest point is found in the region called the Missouri Plateau Butte, which is home to the state's highest peak, White Butte 3,506 ft (1,069 m).

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The Buckeye State

Nicknamed after one of its native trees, the Buckeye State of Ohio is comprised of rolling plains with no high mountains. Ohio's population is more than 11.5 million, ranking it the seventh highest state in size of population in the country. Its land mass is just under 41,000 miles, making it the 35th largest state. However, there is still a lot of farm land for sale in Ohio, ranching, entertainment, and Ohio hunting land.

Lying in the northern Midwest, Ohio's winters are cold, and summers are mild, but can be humid. The average lows in January and February are in the 20s, while the average highs during the summer are in the mid-80s. The state receives an average 37.5 inches of precipitation, a mixture of rain and snow.

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Oklahoma Diversity

The state of Oklahoma is much more than the endless grassland it is famous for. In fact, Oklahoma has the nation's most diverse terrain, when compared mile for mile. Famous for the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Will Rogers Memorial, this Midwestern state is part of our nation's pioneer heritage. Today, its natural beauty, national parks, and rolling mountains make it the perfect place to purchase property. Now is a great time to buy land in Oklahoma.

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Incredible Natural Beauty

The salty Pacific breezes on the rocky coast of Oregon timberland, high deserts, and even volcanoes make this state one of the most geographically diverse in the United States. One of only three U.S. states on the Pacific coast, Oregon boasts incredible natural beauty. Now is an ideal time to look for land for sale in Oregon.

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The Keystone State

Acreage in Pennsylvania is the 10th most valuable by state in the continental U.S., but there are opportunities to find hunting land, recreational land and homes with acreage away from the state's urban centers. Most available lots are smaller and measure less than 10 acres.

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Rhode Island

The Smallest State

Being the smallest of all 50 states, you might question just how much land could possibly be for sale in Rhode Island. Part of the answer lies in the fact that Rhode Islanders own about 70% or 400,000 acres of forestland. And those forests generate some $700 million-plus dollars to the state economy every year, while supporting some 3,300 jobs.

Those timberlands also provide recreation to locals and visitors seeing some 600 million visitors to state and federal parklands each year, adding approximately $1.7 billion to the economy, annually. Some come to see the beauty and wildlife. Others may seek to hunt with some 20,000 hunters spending $18 million annually on their sport. Others may seek to find land for sale in Rhode Island.

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South Carolina

South Carolina History 

The Carolinas were named to honor British King Charles I. In Latin, Carolus translates to Charles in English. South Carolina was the eighth state admitted to the U.S. prior to its sister state, North Carolina, which was the 12th state in the union. Bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, some two-thirds of South Carolina lies on the Atlantic Coastal plain. The state's population is just over one million. Its land area is just over 31,000 square miles and there is plenty of land available including family farms, ranches, and wildlife areas.

For those shopping for homes, ranches and commercial property for sale in S.C., the winters are mild with daytime highs in the mid to high 50s and lows in the 30s. Summer days can be warm to hot in the low 90s with high humidity. Rain is anticipated every month of the year, peaking at around five inches for each month of June and July.

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South Dakota

Ideal Outdoor Country

With an estimated population of 877,790 and a land mass of 77,176 miles, South Dakota has the fifth least dense population in the United States. The bulk of the population and South Dakota properties for sale are on the eastern side of the state where the soil is ideal for farming.

South Dakota is the ideal place to live if you like being outdoors. There's ample opportunity for hunting, fishing ,skiing, hiking, horseback riding, and more. For those looking for land for sale in South Dakota, Land Broker Co-Op can help you find the perfect property. During the warm months, large chunks of the state's residents as well as tourists, flock to Lake Sharpe, Lewis and Clarke Lake, Cheyenne River, Missouri River, Missouri National Recreational River, Big Sioux River, Lake Francis Case, White River, James River, and Lake Oahe to engage in a wide assortment of water activities that range from rafting to fishing to swimming.

The summer months are also a popular time to set aside time to explore Crazy Horse Memorial Park, Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Wind Cave National Park, the Mammoth Site and Hot Springs.

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Varied Topography

Even though Tennessee isn't a very large state, the varied topography convinced developers to divide the state into six different major regions and two minor regions, with each region having its own unique topography.

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It’s the Best Time to Buy Land in Texas

The wide-open land for sale in Texas has drawn people for more than a century and for good reason. The land market in Texas has remained one of the few bright spots in real estate, staying steady or showing consistent growth in many areas. However, according to the Texas Department of Agriculture, now is the best time to buy land in Texas for a multitude of reasons.

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Explore the Lands of Utah 

From the beauty of Utah's natural landscapes to unique man-made land art, Utah is filled with an abundance of sites to be seen. With its nearly 85 million square miles of land there's a lot of remote and developed territory alike, some government-owned, some privately owned. Here's what is offered for people looking to buy land for sale in Utah.

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The Picturesque Land of Vermont

In 1791 Vermont was the 14th state admitted to the Union. It is bordered by Canada to the north, New Hampshire to the east, Massachusetts to its south, and New York to its west. This winter wonderland with huge amounts of land for sale in Vermont is uncommon by Northeastern standards, but small when compared to the rest of the country, comprising just 9,615 square miles.

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The Birthplace of a Nation

Virginia is often referred to as the "Birthplace of a Nation," a nickname it earned because it was not only the location of Jamestown, Great Britain's first surviving colony in North America, but also Roanoke, which was Great Britain's first North American colony which mysteriously disappeared. Since those early days, Virginia has found itself at the heart of many historically significant moments.

Virginia is a popular place. More than 8 million people call the state home, making it the 12th most populated state in the nation and the 13th most densely populated.

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A Great Place to Buy or Build

When you talk about Washington, many people immediately assume that you are talking about the nation's capital, Washington D.C. If they do realize that you are talking about the state, they are likely picturing its largest city, Seattle, since almost 60% of the state's residents live in the Seattle metropolitan area. But the state, named after the country's first president, is so much more than Seattle. Its diverse topography, tremendous economy, and breathtaking views make the state a great place to buy or build.

People shopping for Washington real estate will find a vibrant state. Along with being known as the birthplace of grunge music, Washington has been featured in many popular movies and has produced talents like Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. The state has two major sports franchises, the Seattle Mariners and 2014 Superbowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks. Popular attractions include the Seattle Space Needle and the San Juan Islands.

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West Virginia

The Beauty of West Virginia's Land

John Denver referred to it as "Almost Heaven." No doubt, many West Virginians agree. He sang about the state's, "Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River." While it is rather a small state, 41st in size and measuring 24,230 square miles, it is a beautiful one rich with forests next to beautiful hunting land for sale in WV.

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Wisconsin's Dairies, Farmland, and Forests

Known as America's Dairyland, Wisconsin does have a lot of dairies. Some 9,500 dairies maintained 1.28 million cows in 2017, and 96% of those dairies are family-owned, according to the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Wisconsin is the second highest milk producing state behind California, and the top cheese producing state.

Many of the state's 5.8 million people are referred to as "cheeseheads," because of their love for the Green Bay Packer's football team. Dairies occupy a lot of Wisconsin real estate but, honestly, the land for sale in Wisconsin isn't all about dairy cows and cheese.

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When You're in Wyoming, You're in Cowboy Country. 

The state's trademark is The Bucking Horse & Rider, which tells you everything you need to know about the area's rich traditions. Wyoming features sprawling ranches, towering mountains, and the largest collection of geysers and thermal features in the world. The majestic Yellowstone National Park boasts 2 million acres of wilderness and natural beauty, and that is just one of Wyoming's national parks and monuments. You can feel the wild spirit of the West calling you to buy land in Wyoming and to start an incredible adventure.

In 1867, the Union Pacific Railway reached Cheyenne, Wyoming's capital. The territory grew quickly, and Wyoming became the 44th state in 1890. Once again, it is the ideal time to look through Wyoming’s lands for sale. The state’s historical roots are the story of tough, tenacious people with a true love for the land.

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Washington DC

Location, Location, Location

Looking for something in the city? How about some real estate in the trendy Shaw neighborhood of Washington D.C., or a coop property in River Park? There's some unique property for sale, for those who live in the nation's capital or want to invest there. From studios to two-bedroom condos with a 24-hour front desk, concierge service, and meeting rooms available, D.C. land for sale is a good investment.

The mantra of real estate – location, location, location - suits the best condo listings in DC. Whether looking to buy for yourself or for a rental investment property, location is very important when looking at condominiums for sale in Washington D.C. Condos should be close to transportation lines; close to desirable dining spots, and craft breweries; and, close to all of the fine entertainment the city has to offer.

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