5 Needed Crops For Your Self-Sufficient Garden

If you intend to feed yourself and your family, there are a few staple crops you absolutely need in rotation. These crops either have high yields, high nutrient values, or are easy to rear. Whether you are a new gardener or an old hand in the yard, it is important to plan out your garden …

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Things to Consider When Buying a Hobby Farm

Hobby farms, small farms maintained as recreational land or farmland for supplemental income, have become increasingly popular in the last decade with urban dwellers and retirees. In the US, where older farms are often absorbed by larger farms, owning a small farm is often no longer profitable as a primary source of income. As a result, many are being purchased as hobby farms by those looking for a place to grow crops that can be sold at local farmer’s markets or used for personal consumption.

Licenses, Fees, and Taxes For Chicken Owners and Homesteaders

Owning chickens can be an easy way to provide your family or homestead with a steady supply of protein, but getting the room and resources to raise hens can involve quite a financial investment. Fortunately, not only are there many ways to save when rearing chickens, there are also ways for you to make money off of them if you have enough. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make yourself into a small business and claim tax breaks, but this often requires various licenses and fees, depending on your state. What are some legal documents you will need to raise and make money off your chickens?