The Top 10 Reasons To Buy Land in Idaho

Contrary to its popular agrarian image, Idaho isn’t just a vast agriculture hub dotted with tons of potato farms. While potatoes are a leading export and Idaho has a lucrative agricultural sector, that doesn’t mean you need to be into cultivating crops to get value out of investing in Idaho land.

In fact, many people outside of the farming community are buying land in Idaho to take advantage of its many attractive features. With its stunning mountain landscapes, pristine wilderness, and bustling economy, Idaho is fast becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for land investors in the USA.

The Top 10 Reasons To Buy Land in Idaho

Find out a few of the significant reasons the Gem State is no longer such a “hidden gem” and whether it makes sense for you to invest in Idaho land.

10 Reasons To Buy Land in Idaho

Natural Grandeur and Outdoor Recreation

If people aren’t investing in Idaho land for agriculture, chances are they’re interested in taking advantage of this state’s unparalleled natural beauty. If you want to ascend the peaks of the Sawtooth Range, white-water raft on the scenic Salmon River, or cast a line in one of the many fishing-friendly zones (e.g., Lake Coeur d’Alene, Lake Cascade, and Priest River), there are many natural areas that’ll take your breath away.

Anyone interested in wildlife hunting can also visit Idaho’s pristine wilderness zones and forests for big game opportunities, including elk, deer, and pronghorn. And don’t think outdoor recreation stops when the snow starts falling. Idaho is home to many exceptional ski resorts and lodges (e.g., Sun Valley, Tamarack Ski Resort, and Brundage Mountaina), so there are always things to do outdoors in the Gem State. Whether you want to plunge into camping and outdoor recreation or take it easy in a cozy cabin with your family, Idaho land offers access to a picture-perfect natural backdrop.

Agricultural Abundance

Aside from its awe-inspiring scenery, Idaho is best known for its fertile soil and rich agricultural heritage. Although Idaho’s economy continues to expand, it has a booming agricultural sector for farmers interested in cultivating cash crops on their land. In addition to the famous Idaho potatoes, a few significant exports from Idaho include sugar beets, barley, onions, wheat, and corn. In addition to growing crops, Idaho is a favorable state for those interested in ranching, the timber industry, or rearing livestock, and it remains one of the nation’s top producers of cattle and dairy-related products.

Although many Idaho counties have an excellent reputation for agriculture, ranches, and farmland, a few of the most notable include:

Strong Economy and Growing Tech Sector

Boise isn’t as famous as the Bay Area for hi-tech innovation, but it’s swiftly becoming a hotspot for innovative tech companies and talented developers. Thanks to the influx of major corporations like Micron, demand for homes in Boise and surrounding communities like Idaho City has gone up as young professionals flood the region. Not only is Idaho’s tech sector getting a boost, but other areas like manufacturing, construction, and healthcare are helping to diversify this state’s economy. As Idaho continues to expand into various sectors, its economy becomes more resilient, making land and property even more investment possibilities.

Growing Tourism Sector

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Tourism is another segment of Idaho’s economy that’s seen a significant boost in recent years. Outdoor enthusiasts from around the world book trips to enjoy Idaho’s mountains, rivers, and scenic views. As an Idaho landowner, you have more business exposure to the state’s tourism boom through ventures like short-term rentals, cabins, or commercial real estate. Anyone interested in the tourism and hospitality industries will likely find a ton of potential in owning Idaho land.

Although many Idaho counties offer great access to tourist attractions and nature reserves, here are a few areas to consider when searching for a dream location:

Affordable Cost of Living

Idaho typically ranks as one of the best “bargains” in terms of its taxation policies and overall cost of living. In fact, one of the primary reasons for the recent influx of new residents to Idaho from neighboring states is its comparatively affordable costs. It’s more manageable for many families, retirees, and young professionals to settle in Idaho versus California, Oregon, or Washington State. Plus, those involved in Idaho’s agricultural sector often qualify for Farm Credits, which gives them more options to finance their operations or pay off land loans.

Low Population Density

Despite the sustained population growth in Idaho, the Gem State remains one of the most sparsely populated regions of the country. While those accustomed to a big city atmosphere may see this as a negative trait, it’s often one of the primary reasons people look into buying land in Idaho.

Although Idaho’s low population density means its infrastructure isn’t as robust as more urbanized locations, it also means everyone in Idaho has greater personal space and privacy. Plus, since there’s less development overall in Idaho, there’s far more fresh air and natural areas to explore. Anyone who prioritizes tranquility and seclusion over the conveniences of urban centers will love Idaho’s long stretches of unspoiled land.

Diverse Climate and Changing Seasons

Idaho’s climate regions are as diverse as its topography. From mild and temperate valleys to alpine zones, you’ll find a climate most amenable to your preferences somewhere in this state. Idaho also delights residents with the best of the changing seasons, including the blossoming flowers of spring, gorgeous fall foliage, and magical winter landscapes. Anyone who enjoys a diversity of climates and seasonal changes will enjoy Idaho’s dynamic atmosphere.

High Safety Rankings and Low Crime Rates

Idaho often ranks as the safest state in the northwestern region and one of the safest states in the USA. Recent statistics from law enforcement suggest the rates of crimes like rape, murder, and theft are some of the lowest in America, which helps give Idaho landowners extra peace of mind. The high safety scores in Idaho also attract many families and businesses, which helps drive up the value of local properties and encourages further development in the state.

Road Access and Connection to Transit Hubs

Although Idaho is sparsely populated and “under-developed” compared to more urbanized states, it’s still easy to get wherever you need to go in the Gem State. Idaho’s high-quality highway system helps connect some of the state’s major hotspots like Boise and Meridian, with remote rural regions. Even if people live in a secluded area of Idaho, they can access services and amenities like hospitals via Idaho’s road infrastructure. Plus, Boise Airport serves as a major hub for air travel, with dozens of passenger airlines offering flights to major American cities. So, whenever you need to get around Idaho, you can use this state’s exceptional accessibility standards.

Pure Water and Clear Water Rights Guidelines

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Whether you’re interested in growing crops, building residential properties, or investing in commercial enterprises, water is an essential element you need to consider. Luckily for Idaho investors, you have access to reliable clean water thanks to the state’s conservation efforts and its many pure lakes and rivers (plus the runoff from melting snow on mountain ranges). In addition to the exceptional supply of clean water, Idaho has a well-established Water Rights system via the Idaho Department of Water Resources. From installing baths and septic systems to supplying your plants with hydration, it’s easy to access plenty of fresh water for your needs with Idaho land.

Is An Idaho Land Lot Investment The Right Move?

There are many reasons to be excited about owning land in Idaho. Not only does this state offer exceptional agricultural opportunities, it continues to grow and expand its economy into hot sectors like technology and travel. Idaho’s pristine environment makes it a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts or people who just want a picturesque retreat away from city life.

As more people get interested in moving to the Gem State, there has never been a better time to research the price of Idaho land for sale. Take some time to consider the benefits of owning acreage in the Idaho land market and whether these features line up with your goals and experience.