Hall And Hall Purchases Co-op Memberships For All Land Agents

JERSY VILLAGE, TX, USA, August 17, 2022 /TexasIndustryJournal/ — With over 3 million individuals holding real estate licenses in the U.S., the competition is fierce for new listings. The difference between capturing new business and struggling to stay afloat is often found in the tools that brokers and real estate agents have available to support their ongoing business needs. One of the world’s top land brokerages, Hall and Hall, has put its weight behind the Land Broker Co-op by purchasing Land Broker Co-op Memberships for all of their land brokers / partners.

Land Broker Co-op Is Empowering Land Professionals

The traditional model for real estate professionals involves working with multiple companies to access lists of potential customers and demographic data but with little guarantee of the quality that is obtained. With Land Broker Co-op, agents can be confident that they’re getting the most up-to-date and valuable information available. The Co-op provides trusted and valuable data that can be quickly and easily accessed anywhere at any time through the LANDbrokermls.com website.

Hall and Hall Continues to Drive Excellence and Industry Support for Their Real Estate Professionals

Joining the Land Broker Co-op allows Hall and Hall real estate agents to access valuable tools they need to be successful, protect their customer data and reduce their overall marketing costs. From buyer boards and lead management to direct Co-op Member communication, Hall and Hall offers real estate professionals a path to increased revenue and enhanced visibility through the collective power of the Co-op.

“Hall and Hall has taken a strong position by providing Co-op Memberships to their land brokers and partners. When the highest profile brokerages in the land industry make a move like this, others follow.” – David Light

About Hall and Hall. Hall and Hall is among the world’s top land brokerages. They are an employee-owned company with an unusual partnership structure that results in a team-based approach that successfully connects buyers and sellers and enhances the owner’s experience. Their proactive marketing initiatives encompass everything from web and print advertising through public relations and good old-fashioned handshakes. Whether you need an experienced manager, a financing expert, or a buyer who finally understands the true value of your property, their network of personal and professional relationships is unmatched in the business.

About Land Broker Co-op. Co-op Members own and operate, LANDBrokermls.com, the only broker/agent owned website serving the rural real estate industry. As a true cooperative, Co-op Members receive patronage checks annually and its website, LANDBrokermls.com, cannot be sold to competitors. The Co-op movement started in 2018 with a mission to empower rural real estate professionals by providing the tools necessary to successfully market your listings and control your leads without incurring exorbitant marketing fees. Current Co-op initiatives include ever-improving traffic and lead generation for its Members, continued access to Member-only health insurance options, exclusive discounts, and syndication services to many key websites.