Land Show Episode 348


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This week on The Land Show with Dave and Johnny:

  • Kayla Greer, with the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association, is in to talk about the good work our farmers and ranchers are doing around the state to serve consumers. We also discussed the new “Down to Earth” campaign, promoting growers and producers around the state.
  • Taylor Hart, with First South Farm Credit, is in studio to talk about rate trends, and what they are seeing in the land lending market.
  • Randall Upchurch talks about cattle and poultry trends in our Farmland Report.
  • Rick Bourne, aka The Dove Daddy, talks about his famous dove field, and his recent trip to the Florida Cattlemen’s Association meeting in Marco Island.


Dave: Hey everybody, welcome to the land show with Dave and John on a beautiful Saturday morning here in Montgomery, Alabama. Glad to be with my co-host and good friend Johnny be-good, how you doing?

Jonathan: I’m blessed brother. Good to be with you in the studio. Good to be back this week. Our producer Skipper wasn’t able to be here last week and I was out in California. So it’s been a while.

Dave: Yeah, man. It’s been a while. I’ve been out for a couple of weeks. So it’s great to be back and tell us about your trip. And uh, y’all went out to Yosemite?

Jonathan: Yeah, my trip got to do something we’ve I’ve been wanting to do my whole life. Take the family, to Yosemite and Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks and then go out and do some whalewatching on the coasts and the Pacific and, man, it’s just it’s unreal.

Dave: For those of us that have been in that part of the country. I’ve been to Oregon to Washington, but never Northern California. What was the highlight of the trip?

Jonathan: Lots of highlights. I tell you what, man when I touched us a sequoia for the first time I nearly broke down in tears. I knew I would. I mean when you see. You know, we love timber. We love loblolly pines and that sort of stuff. But when you walk through a Forest Grove, those Giant Sequoias! I mean, there’s nothing like it on the planet, the largest living thing on the planet. Wow. You know, some of those things are thousands of years old. Wow. Well, they were here when Jesus was here. So it was pretty amazing to see a lot of that and then we went whale watching on the coast. Man, and it’s cold out there. I totally get it. Like I see why they’re willing to pay dollars and gas and deal with all the politics out there because it’s amazing and beautiful. And I want to publicly apologize on my own show. For every disparaging thing I’ve ever said about wildfires and why they don’t control burn out I mean, you just can’t understand until you go but I get it, I mean it’s you know, it’s like it’d be burned in the equivalent of something the size of an Alabama county row every year to try to control you know, just one little area that straight up. So anyway, a lot of challenges out there. Every time I come back from a place like that, um, I realize how blessed we are in Alabama in the water resources, you don’t drive a mile out there without seeing a sign about water and we got to drive through the San Joaquin Valley which was awesome for agriculture made vineyards in the middle as far as you can see. Almond groves we stopped at grow everything Yea. We got to buy avocados from an avocado farm and we got wine from a vineyard and so anyway, it was just an all around awesome trip. Everybody’s always told me that you know Yellowstone and Yosemite are the two national parks if you’re going to visit. Go to Yosemite. Every time you turn the corner it’s the prettiest view you’ve ever seen in your life and you do that for a couple of days and it’s just hard to get numb to it…

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Host, Dave Milton, has worked hard for land owners and investors for over 25 years and he is passionate about properly educating people on sound land investing. “Land is a key economic driver in the South, especially in my home state of Alabama where Timber Production is the primary industry. What happens with land legislation, values and taxation effects all of us.” – Dave Milton