Pine beetle and the Rocky Mountains

It is important to understand that there are different beetles affecting the forests of the Rocky Mountains. The primary beetle impacting Colorado Mountain Land is the Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus Ponderosae). The Mountain Pine Beetle commonly attacks Ponderosa, lodgepole, Scotch, and Limber pine while Bristlecone Pine, Pinyon Pine, firs and spruces are less susceptible. Things to consider when looking for Colorado Mountain land for sale, New Mexico Mountain land for sale, or Wyoming Mountain land for sale:

1. What species of pine are present on the property?
2.. Are any of the pines infected by pine beetle?
3. What type of beetle is infecting the trees?
4. If there is an infestation present how much of the forest has been affected?
5. What are the remedies available to mitigate any infestation?
– Spraying
– Logging
– Chipping

In the Northern Rocky Mountains, Montana Mountain Land and Wyoming Mountain land are also being ravaged by beetles. in Montana it is primarily a bark beetle that is killing trees and to a limited extent in Wyoming. Montana Mountain Land for sale will most likely have at least some pine beetle infestation however do not let this discourage you. There are many uses for the timber and many alternatives for mitigation.

– Firewood
– Furniture
– Pellet Production
– Construction lumber
– Wood chips

Also remember, that once the dead falls have been removed and cleaned up the forest will be more diverse and healthier.