U.S. Land Broker Co-op to acquire Open Fences Magazine

Houston, Texas, January 17, 2020 – U.S. Land Broker Co-op (“the Co-op”) has announced it is seeking to acquire Open Fences magazine, the country’s premier publication for the rural real estate market.

Dan Murphy, Co-op President & owner of M4 Ranch Group, said, “The Co-op is committed to expanding the services provided to its Members and is seeking to acquire the best national rural real estate publication on the market. We’ve analyzed the print advertising space and found Open Fences magazine to be the publication where our Members consistently get the best response, with the most qualified readership, so it became a target for acquisition. Our Members, who are all equal owners, will share in the ownership of the magazine, bringing many compelling opportunities in the world of print. The addition of Open Fences will complement the pending launch of a new website later this year.”

As a movement by and for brokers and agents, the U.S. Land Broker Co-op was launched in 2018 by acquiring LandBrokerMLS.com. The Co-op enables its Members to take control of listings data and advertising costs and provides other valuable benefits, including health insurance options, that result from group buying power. The Co-op helps foster change, as every broker and agent who joins shares equal ownership and holds a unique voice. The Co-op’s philosophy of equal ownership and voice for all is beneficial for everyone involved.

Open Fences magazine Publisher and Founder David Light, said, “This is the next step for Open Fences magazine and a game-changer for the industry. A broker and agent owned magazine is the first of its kind. This acquisition puts another arrow in the quiver to provide extraordinary services to Co-op Members, and the Members to provide extraordinary services to their clients.”

For the past 10 years Open Fences magazine has been synonymous with premier rural real estate. The showcasing of exceptional rural properties coupled with distribution to the Who’s Who of buyers and sellers throughout the world has made Open Fences a key marketing partner to many of the most distinguished rural real estate brokers.

An official announcement is expected in the near future.

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