Why You Should Buy Land in Mississippi: The Pros and Cons

Why buy land in Mississippi?

Mississippi has long been a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy hunting, hiking, or fishing, the Magnolia State has plenty of recreational opportunities for visitors. Beyond Mississippi’s natural splendor, this Southern state has lucrative opportunities for those involved in agriculture, livestock, or timber. Not only will Mississippi land give owners access to prime wildlife and natural scenery, but it could also be a fantastic long-term investment.

The benefits of buying land in Mississippi

Mississippi often ranks as one of the USA’s top producers of agricultural goods and livestock. This state has long been known for its fertile farmland and timberland, which have been a boon for landowners dating back to the earliest days of America. Plus, Mississippi land is valuable due to its proximity to natural wildlife, fishing opportunities, and gorgeous Gulf Coast beaches.

The best places to buy land in Mississippi

The “best” place to buy land in Mississippi depends on what kind of investment you’re interested in making. However, you should know that Mississippi doesn’t have many major metropolitan areas. Aside from the capital city of Jackson, most of Mississippi is filled with fertile agricultural acreage, woods, and Timberwood forests. This state also boasts a long stretch of coastline along the Gulf Beaches.

A few counties that have been of particular interest to investors recently include:

Be sure to work with a professional Mississippi land broker to understand which areas of the Magnolia State fit your investment goals.

Ranch Land In Mississippi

How to buy land in Mississippi

The simplest way to buy land in Mississippi is to work with a professional Mississippi land broker. Our team has experience in the MS land market, and we can fill you in on the features, benefits, and drawbacks of various counties. Only a personalized Mississippi land broker could help you determine what section of this Southern state is best for your goals.

The process of buying land in Mississippi

The process of buying land in Mississippi will take time. You’ll need to fill out many legal documents and submit them to the state for approval. You may also need to work with the Department of Agriculture if you intend to farm on your property.

Since this process is complex and time-consuming, it’s always best to work with a professional Mississippi land broker who can ensure all your documents are correct and submitted on time.

What to consider before buying land in Mississippi

People often buy land in Mississippi for one of two reasons: pleasure or investment. Be sure you know upfront why you’re getting into the Mississippi land market and how that will affect your strategy.

For instance, if you’re most interested in taking advantage of Mississippi’s catfish fishing opportunities, you need to know where the closest lakes, streams, and parks are to your property. For those interested in Mississippi’s abundant vegetation, check that the soil quality in your area is fit for whatever vegetables you’re interested in cultivating.

It’s also essential for anyone interested in Mississippi land to consider local zoning restrictions and flood concerns. Mississippi is prone to hurricanes, so be sure you know the insurance policies for flood damage beforehand.

The average cost of land in Mississippi

According to the USDA’s 2022 data, the average for an acre of Mississippi land is approximately $3,000. For perspective, that’s almost a $1,000 increase from the average rates in 2012. However, it is still cheap compared to many other states.

The types of land available in Mississippi

Most of the land you’ll find in Mississippi is rural. This state has a long history in America’s agricultural industry, and it still produces a wealth of crops like sweet potatoes, corn, and cotton. Mississippi also has plenty of fishing and hunting areas. People most interested in agriculture, livestock, or fishing will appreciate Mississippi’s many land opportunities.

The climate of Mississippi

Meteorologists classify Mississippi’s climate as “humid subtropical.” People moving to Mississippi should expect sweltering summers and mild winters. Please keep in mind that Mississippi is prone to hurricanes throughout the summer and early fall. Investors should also consider the risk of tornadoes when reviewing land in Mississippi.

The history of Mississippi

Mississippi has played a central role in America’s agricultural, economic, and cultural history. Admitted as the 20th state in the early 1800s, Mississippi became wealthy in the pre-Antebellum era due to its cotton production. After the Civil War, Mississippi maintained its status as a center for agriculture. In the 20th century, Mississippi became closely associated with blues music, the Civil Rights movement, and rock ‘n’ roll legend Elvis Presley. The Nobel Prize-winning novelist William Faulkner immortalized Mississippi in the fictional Yoknapatawpha County throughout his dozens of novels.

Mississippi land with river

What is the price of the land?

Prices of land in Mississippi vary greatly, but most estimates suggest the average cost is about $3,000 per acre. Please talk with a professional land broker for more details on the current rates for Mississippi land prices.

How big is the land in Mississippi?

Mississippi contains roughly 30.995 million acres. Our land brokers can help customers buy land in Mississippi that’s the proper size for their goals.

What is the climate like in Mississippi?

Mississippi is in a humid subtropical region, so you should expect hot & sticky summers and temperate winters.

What is the soil quality like in Mississippi?

One of Mississippi’s most attractive features is its mineral-rich soil which has the potential for farming crops. The Mississippi Delta arguably has the most fertile soil in America due to centuries of flooding from the Mississippi River. Since the earliest days of its history, Mississippi has had legendary soil that can grow a diverse array of desirable crops.

What is the water quality like in Mississippi?

Mississippi has advanced water filtration authorities that help purify the water quality throughout the state. Now there are concerns about the pollution level in the Mississippi River, the National Park Service is constantly working to monitor and address these issues.

What is the terrain like in Mississippi?

Mississippi’s terrain is mostly flat and marshy. However, as you travel to the northeastern edge of the state, there are more mountainous regions. Throughout most of Mississippi, you’ll find plenty of marshlands, dense forests, and fertile valleys.

What is the vegetation like in Mississippi?

Vegetation is the primary reason people get interested in investing in Mississippi land. Areas like the Mississippi Delta have been hailed for years for their nutrient-rich soil. Crops like soybeans, corn, cotton, and sweet potatoes are some of the most significant exports grown in Mississippi.

What are the building restrictions in Mississippi?

Each county in Mississippi can adopt unique building restrictions, so it’s essential to review these laws on a county-by-county basis. Prospective land investors should start by looking into the Mississippi Building Codes Council’s latest policies and then take a closer look at the zoning laws in their area. Since building restrictions are so distinct throughout the Magnolia State, it’s best to work with a professional Mississippi land broker for personalized guidance.

What are the property taxes in Mississippi?

According to the Mississippi Department of Revenue, local tax authorities assess property values each year and use 10%, 15%, and 30% assessment ratios. However, there are homestead exemptions for Mississippi homeowners over 65. For more details on how to calculate property taxes in your county, be sure to work with a professional Mississippi tax professional.

What is the crime rate in Mississippi?

Current crime statistics suggest Mississippi has slightly below the national average for violent crime at 2.9 cases per 1,000 residents (the national average is closer to 4 per 1,000 Americans). However, regarding property crime, Mississippi has a slightly above-average score of 21 out of 1,000 versus the national average of 19 per 1,000.

How much land is available for purchase in Mississippi?

There are over 30 million acres of land in Mississippi, and thousands are up for sale at any given moment. You should speak with a professional Mississippi land broker to discover the latest available areas up for sale.

How much does land typically cost in Mississippi?

The most recent USDA estimates suggest an acre of land in Mississippi is approximately $3,000. However, there are significant fluctuations in this average price depending on where you choose to buy your property. Please speak with a Mississippi land broker to determine your desired territory’s average price range per acre.

How can I find land for sale in Mississippi?

The simplest way to find land for sale is to use a professional Mississippi land broker’s website or contact them directly. Anyone interested in buying Mississippi land can find the opportunity to buy quality land by reaching out to a land broker as well as using an online platform that offers land for sale.

How do I know if the land I’m interested in is a good investment?

Although real estate and land are typically considered perfect investment opportunities no one can predict the future price of an asset. Although Mississippi land has many value propositions (e.g., wildlife, fertile soil, and fishing opportunities), there are no guarantees on how the value of acreage will change in the future.

Mississippi land investors must carefully research their territory’s historical valuation and develop a personalized strategy. It would help if you spoke with land brokers who have experience in the Mississippi market to better understand trends and valuations in the Magnolia State.