Why You Should Buy Land in Missouri: The Pros and Cons

Known internationally for its beer, BBQ, and blues music, Missouri is home to many legendary United States companies and traditions. In the past, millions flocked to this Midwest state as a “gateway” to the West. While Missouri’s image has changed over the years, it’s still attracting the attention of countless families, businesses, and farmers. Indeed, Missouri’s Economic Research & Information Center expects the state to grow its population size by 1.2 million between 2000 and 2030. With such explosive growth, buying land in Missouri could be a lucrative opportunity for investors interested in multi-person homes with bedrooms or apartments.

Why buy land in Missouri?

Buy Farm Land in Missouri

Anyone looking to invest in residential houses or business development will find plenty of urban and suburban locations throughout the “Show-Me State.” Big cities like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield remain centers for tourism, trade, higher education, and manufacturing. Owning homes in any of Missouri’s metro meccas could be a potentially profitable investment for those interested in real estate. Many town properties in Missouri are excellent for those interested in suburban life. Areas like Shell Knob, Reeds Spring, and Climax Springs offer attractive investor opportunities outside the big cities.

Beyond Missouri’s residential and business opportunities, this state has a thriving agricultural sector. There are plenty of counties in Missouri where owning a ranch or farm will provide access to fertile soil and pristine ponds or lakes. Missouri is a leader in crops such as rice, corn, and cotton. This state also has a significant livestock industry, especially for turkey, goat, and cattle.

Another reason people are drawn to Missouri is its plethora of entertainment venues and outdoor activities. This state is home to many famous pro sports teams, including the St. Louis Blues, Kansas City Chiefs, and St. Louis Cardinals. There are also plenty of protected areas like the Ozarks and Lake Ozark for wildlife views, hunting deer, hiking, and fishing for catfish or bass. Many retire or relocate to Missouri to take advantage of all the fun activities this Midwest state offers.

The best places to buy land in Missouri

Although Missouri has mountainous regions in the southern Ozarks, this state mainly consists of plains and prairies. So, it’s pretty easy to find fertile farmland throughout Missouri. A few of the best-known counties with land listings in Missouri’s agricultural sector include:

Of course, Missouri is also home to many urban centers that may be better suited for those interested in the business or residential real estate markets. Kansas City is the biggest metro area followed by St. Louis. Springfield, Columbia, Independence and Lee’s Summit are a few of Missouri’s other dynamic urban areas.

Choosing the best land in Missouri largely depends on what you want to invest in. Those with an interest in property development probably will have different expectations than someone interested in Missouri’s timber market. It’s always best to evaluate your goals with buying Missouri land when looking over a map of this state’s counties.

To help you on your search for Missouri land, here are a few of the top counties with land for sale listings in the Midwest:

How to buy land in Missouri

You’ll likely need to work with multiple government, legal, and financial agencies to buy land in Missouri. Since this process can be complicated, many people opt to work with a land broker or real estate agent familiar with the Missouri market. A professional land broker in the state can help you figure out the best location to purchase your property and how to obtain the correct legal documents.

The process of buying land in Missouri

The process of buying land in Missouri will depend on the type of land you’re looking into. For instance, if you’re looking into purchasing lots of fertile farmland, you may need to run soil tests, surveys, and environmental inspections. You’ll also have to abide by any zoning, septic, and water laws particular to your county. As for financing your Missouri land purchase, you may have to apply for land lots or work with a realtor.

Those unsure where to begin purchasing land in Missouri may want to speak with a professional MO land broker firm. Brokers familiar with the Missouri market know the right questions to ask concerning your rights when purchasing acreage in this state.

The benefits of buying land in Missouri

Whatever industry you’re involved in, Missouri has countless attractive features.

For starters, this state serves as the headquarters for many prominent companies, including Anheuser-Busch, H&R Block, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Wells Fargo Advisors. Missouri also has many high-profile schools for those interested in pursuing higher education. Add prime entertainment venues, restaurants & breweries, and outdoor recreation, and you can see why Missouri has become an attractive destination for families, tourists, and young professionals. Anyone looking to capture any of these major markets could benefit from buying land or real estate in Missouri.

People with an interest in agriculture or livestock will also find plenty of exceptional land plots throughout Missouri. This state remains a major exporter of many valuable products, including pork, soybeans, corn, turkey, and grain feed. Missouri also has one of the best timber markets in the country. If you’re looking to get more involved with agriculture or forestry, Missouri has a lot of acreage to choose from.

From a quality-of-life standpoint, Missouri has a ton to offer. Whether you’re interested in live sports, fine dining, brewery tours, hunting, pond or creek fishing, or strolling along magnificent rivers, there are many ways to enjoy your new Missouri lifestyle. This state also tends to rank well as one of the nation’s most affordable states. Recent data from Missouri’s Economic Research & Information Center suggests Missouri has a low cost of living. So, those who want to relax in a Missouri retreat will find plenty of ways to build their dream home in this marvelous Midwest state.

The drawbacks of buying land in Missouri

Although there are advantages to owning land in Missouri, there are a few potential issues to keep in mind. For instance, Missouri experiences extreme weather fluctuations throughout the year. Although you will see all four seasons here, the winters are brutally cold with significant snowfall. Tornadoes are also a common occurrence in Missouri. You must seriously consider your insurance protections and consider installing a tornado shelter if you’re thinking about moving to Missouri.

Another downside of Missouri is its higher-than-average crime rates. Although most of this illegal activity is concentrated in big cities like St. Louis, the rate of violent and property crime in Missouri is above the national average. Remember that gang activity is a persistent problem in many urban areas of the state. Take time to research the average police reports in your county to fully understand the safety profile of your area.

Things to consider before buying land in Missouri

While most of Missouri is composed of prairies and pastures fit for fertile farms, you shouldn’t assume the land you purchase will be good for agriculture without a thorough inspection. Always consider the topography in your county and order soil tests if you’re most interested in ranches in the region.

It’s also crucial to look into zoning restrictions wherever you want to build properties in Missouri. You should also look into septic and utility policies in Missouri before you start planning electricity and plumbing for bathrooms in your house.

As with every other state, Missouri has plenty of taxes to consider before investing in property. Currently, Missouri’s state sales tax is set at 4.225%, but this number is typically higher depending on what county you’re shopping in. Property tax in Missouri is currently around 0.93%, while the income tax is on a graduated scale between 1.50% to 5.40%. Please remember that these MO tax rates could fluctuate. Please seek out the most up-to-date price data before planning your finances.

How to finance the purchase of land in Missouri

Many people choose to finance their Missouri land purchase through land plot loans. Many banks in the state could help you figure out a land purchase plan that will suit your situation. You could also talk with a professional MO land broker for more detailed information on your financing options.

What to do with your land in Missouri once you’ve bought it

Not every land plot in Missouri is created equally. You’ll need to consult your region’s local zoning, septic, and environmental laws to figure out what is and isn’t allowed. However, many Missouri land parcels are fair game for rearing livestock and planting crops. In more urban areas of the state, you might be able to build residential properties or business developments. Please double-check your Missouri county’s laws to determine what’s allowed on your new land parcel.