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New Health Insurance Options with Aflac

New Health Insurance Options for Co-op Members! The Land Broker Co-op has recently paved the way for Aflac coverages to be made available to Co-op Members at an exclusive rate.

Aflac programs pay cash benefits directly to policyholders allowing them to pay out-of-pocket expenses, negotiate bills, and even replace lost wages and keep bills constant.

Check the health insurance tab on your control panel on for Co-op Member rates and information about the various Aflac products available to Co-op Members now.

Accident Insurance

Aflac offers supplemental accident insurance that helps with what your health insurance plan might not cover. We pay cash benefits directly to you (unless assigned otherwise) to be used however you choose.

Critical Care and Recovery

Major medical coverage pays doctor and hospital bills, not out-of-pocket expenses. Nor does it pay cash benefits that can be used to help with expenses, such as car payments, the mortgage or rent, and utility bills—bills that would be difficult, if not impossible to pay if your income suddenly stopped due to illness or injury. Aflac’s specified health event insurance policy complements your major medical coverage and helps provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing you and your family are protected.

Cancer Protection Assurance

Cancer treatment is changing—and Aflac is proud to be changing with it. Thanks to advances in science and treatment, more and more Americans today are living with cancer. Aflac Cancer Protection Assurance helps cover these innovative treatments with benefits that really care for you as a whole person.

From prevention to recovery, Aflac is with you every step of the way. Our benefits are built to see you all the way through cancer treatment and they’ll stay with you for life after cancer.

For assistance please call 207-563-6653 or email

Log in Now and Click the Health Insurance Tab in Your Control Panel

*Note: these Co-op approved coverages are only available to current Co-op members.