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Working with A Recreational Land Expert to Find Your Ideal Recreational Property

Working with A Recreational Land Expert.

If a buyer is looking for their ideal recreational property, it pays to work with a recreational land expert, which differs significantly from using a realtor to find a home. Experts in recreational property sales have a unique skill set that allows them to locate a property that meets not only the needs of buyers but can also be adapted to a variety of recreational uses.

Increasingly, as the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, the demand for recreational property is surging amongst urban dwellers who want to socially distance in a rural environment. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the complexities of securing an appropriate recreational property, therefore, a recreational land expert can be vital in addressing the needs of buyers.

A recreational land expert can answer the following questions:

  • Can a cabin or alternate structure be built on the property?
  • Is the property accessible in winter?
  • What is the quality of the wildlife on the land?
  • Can utilities and drainage be easily installed on the property?
  • Is there access to water on the property?

Recreational land transactions entail many specifics that can be best addressed by an expert. For those looking for recreational land for hunting or fishing, working with a recreational property expert that has knowledge of wildlife will greatly enhance the chances that a buyer will find a property best suited to their interests.

Also, local recreational property agents will have greater knowledge of the area and be able pinpoint properties that match a buyer’s expectations, as well as be able to more accurately assess the value of land in a particular area. A local agent can also ensure that a buyer get the most bang for their buck and doesn’t face unexpected expenses or liens against the property.

In addition, local recreational property agents will have expertise in regional land sales and acquisitions, including agricultural land, timber land, ranch land, recreational land, equestrian estates, land development, hunting land and other specialties.

Given that recreational property purchases will usually take time and patience, being able to work with an expert from a distance is also crucial. Recreational land brokers can virtually show buyers photos and videos to limit the need for travel or in-person visits. They can also hold meetings with interested buyers outside or through videoconferencing with buyers and showing them properties before they decide to visit the site.

Experienced recreational land agents will also have access to property photos, drone videos and mapping, making it easier to narrow down a buyer’s selection. Also, when it comes time for an in-person tour, some buyers may feel more comfortable visiting the property on their own so an expert recreational land agent can provide all the necessary information to safely access the property as well as a reliable contact if questions should arise during the visit. Often agents will have specific mapping and GPS coordinates on their websites that be accessed while on the go and buyers can pre-load the GPS map in case there is no cell service at the site.

Not all buyers looking for recreational property are looking to use it for personal activities. Rather, they may be interested in the rental opportunities of the land and earning additional income. For example, if a buyer wants the land to use as a campground for other individuals or families or as a site for hunting, fishing or other sports activities, they may want to discuss with an expert recreational land agent if they will need a property manager, seasonal opportunities, maintenance costs and additional expenses.

According to the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis, outdoor recreation contributes more than $400 billion, or 2.2 percent, to the GDP and supports nearly 4.6 million jobs. In addition, outdoor recreation has been steadily increasing, which makes it recreational land purchases a great investment for buyers.

Also, rural areas are a popular tourist destination. A recent survey shows that nearly two-thirds of all adults, 87 million people, have taken a trip to a rural destination in the past three years and 9 out of 10 trips were for recreational purposes such as hunting, fishing, horseback riding, on-farm rodeos, and visiting petting zoos.

Finally, relying upon a recreational land expert when searching for a property, regardless of its intended use, will provide peace of mind to buyers who may be otherwise be misled by false advertisements or inexperienced brokers, and ensure they can securely enjoy their investment for years to come.

By Mark Lugris