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Western NE Large Scale Farming Operation

32055 Road 761, Grant, NE
Status: Active
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11,680 acres
Perkins, NE
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List Date
Aug 22, 2019
Seize this rare opportunity to obtain some of the nation’s most productive farmland, with 393,100 bushels of grain storage, 3 homes, multiple outbuildings, and much more.This very productive, irrigated and dryland farm offers you 11,680 total acres (8,480 deeded with optional 3,200+/- leased). Located in western Nebraska, this is an area with highly sought-after farmland, and it may be one of the best, well-run farming practices on the market today. It offers abundant soft water (livestock-quality), excellent soils, good access to markets, 3-phase power, and well-maintained improvements.Located in Perkins and Chase County, Nebraska, this farming operation is in an optimal area for great production and profitable farming. This area of Nebraska raises several million bushels of grain each year.Within a 35-mile radius of the farm, you have several grain elevators on the railroad that give competitive bids for grain; several feedlots where you can contract silage, hay, and grain; an ethanol plant at Madrid that buys corn; and a 7,000 head organic dairy that is planning to expand. The impressive grain elevator in Venango boasts the ability to load more railroad cars than any other elevator in the nation. The nearest town is Grant, NE (population 1,165), with Madrid to the east, Ogallala to the north, Brandon to the west, and Imperial to the south.  State Highway 23 runs east-west directly through town, and State Highway 61 runs north to I-80 only 20 miles up the road.  Chase and Perkins County have an average of 20-21 inches of precipitation a year in the form of rain, sleet, and snow. The majority of annual precipitation falls from March 14 to November 7, with the highest concentration of rainfall from mid-May through mid-June, making this an ideal grain-producing area. The farm offers highly desirable farm ground, including some irrigated acres, some dry cropland, and 31 acres of building sites. The farm contains multiple separate tracts of ground, located within a 15-minute region of each other. The 11,680 total acres include 8,480 deeded acres plus approximately 3,200 of optional school land leased acres. The acreage is broken down as follows: Deeded Acres: • Approximately 2,120 deeded acres of center pivot irrigated cropland (under 13 center pivots) • Approximately 6,360 deeded acres of dry cropland including 31 acres of building sitesLeased acres: • Approximately 750 acres of leased irrigated ground under 6 pivots  • Approximately 2450 acres of leased dryland.Current farming activities produce approximately 5,000 tons of dry matter per year. Additionally, you could potentially use for the property for a cattle operation and/or an organic farm operation.As a cattle feeding operation, you could grow your own silage, hay, and grain to feed your own cattle. You could also start a custom feeding operation. You can buy wet distillers’ grain from the Madrid ethanol plant, and the close location to markets makes this an ideal location to feed cattle. Also, the farm is centrally located between three major beef packing plants. As an organic farm operation, you would enjoy the benefit of deep, fertile soils, local access to manure and compost, good irrigation, and good rainfall. All these factors make this farm highly suited for organics.  Another attractive improvement you could build is your own grain elevator, as the farm has land adjacent to the BNSF Railroad. The improvements on the property are clean, well-kept and in good condition. They are located across 5 different building sites. Summary of Improvements:  • 3 homes • Attached 4-car garage on main home • Studio apartment • 4 large metal buildings • 4 utility buildings • Multiple sheds and other improvements • Grain storage for 393,100 bushels • 3 complete RV motorhome hookups • And much more!One improvement worth pointing out is a 100-ft Base Tower for Trimble GPS Guidance that belongs to the farm. This saves the farm around $15,000 per year in subscription fees to the Case IH Network.Building Site 1: Custom Luxury Home, 4-Car Garage, and ShopBuilding site 1 features the newest buildings, including an impressive custom home, a 4-car attached garage, and a state-of-the-art metal shop building, all built in 2010. If you need an indication of the profitability of the farm, just take a look at this house. This property is located 1 mile west of Grant, Nebraska, in part of the NW 1/4 of Section 15, T10N, R39W, Perkins County. It can be severed from the sale of the farm if the buyer desires to buy just one or the other.MAIN HOME The main home at the headquarters is a custom home designed by the current owners and built in 2010 to impeccable standards of workmanship. This single-level home with 2,891 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths is a showpiece property that would be impressive anywhere in the country. The main home at the headquarters is a custom home designed by the current owners and built in 2010 to impeccable standards of workmanship. This single-level home with 2,891 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2.5 baths is a showpiece property that would be impressive anywhere in the country.  As you enter the home, the feeling of elegance hits you as you pass delicate, arched columns. When you walk in the door, you’ll notice the gorgeous circular tilework decoration on the floor, the dining room chandelier, and the rich color of the knotty alder trim and cabinetry. The house abounds with high-quality upgrades. All windows and most doors are Pella brand. The home is roofed with Heritage asphalt shingles. Rooms in the home include a master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet, 2 more bedrooms, 1.5 more bathrooms, an office, kitchen, formal dining room, and formal sitting room. The kitchen features state-of-the-art cabinets and a built-in china cabinet. Granite countertops grace the counters and kitchen island, and when you host a large party, you’ll be able to prepare a huge spread of food with ease, thanks to 3 ovens, a 6-burner stovetop, and 2 sinks.The master bedroom breathes luxury, and when you step into the spacious walk-in shower, you’ll be greeted with multiple showerhead options for every preference. And the office! You’ll instantly feel like an executive when you sit down at the curved desk, surrounded by rich cabinetry, shelves for your books, and storage space for all your files. You can fall in love with this house guilt-free, as it is an eco-friendly house, built with a brick and stucco exterior over 12” ICF (Insulating Concrete Form) walls. Geothermal heating and cooling come from plastic coils in the 12’ deep pond in the backyard, and 12 to 14-foot high ceilings help this home stay naturally cooler on hot days.The interior of the home includes carpet and decorative ceramic tile flooring, painted drywall walls, and many amenities. A fireplace adds warmth and atmosphere to the living room, and ceiling-mounted surround-sound speakers in the house and patio allow you to play your favorite music all through the house. Large TV screens are mounted in every room of the house except the bathrooms (including the garage and the patio). The exterior of the home includes a 649-foot patio with spectacular views of the surrounding fields and countryside. In the backyard, brick steps descend to a 12-foot deep pond with tasteful landscaping, adding to the calm serenity of your surroundings. OUTBUILDINGSThe 4-car attached garage is 36’ x 60’ (2,160 square feet) and has the same amount of craftsmanship as the house. It includes 4 electric overhead doors for ease of access of 4 vehicles, a full cement floor, custom-built cabinetry, and a kitchen area. The garage is also built of the same 12-inch ICF concrete walls as the home, and it is heated and cooled geothermally. Just outside the garage, the cement driveway can also be heated geothermally to melt ice and snow.A stone’s throw away from the garage is a state-of-the-art, 84’ x 100’ metal shop building, also built in 2010. This shop includes space to store all your toys, from RV’s to boats to ATVs and other equipment.The shop is heated and cooled geothermally as well as being insulated. It includes a full concrete floor, fluorescent lights, ceiling fans, a floor drain, 110- and 220-volt electrical service, and its own bathroom.Three access doors allow for easy access, including two 20’x14’ high electric overhead doors in the south wall and one 20’x14’ high electric overhead door in the west wall. Cement aprons are built in front of the garage doors, and beyond those, the driveway and area in front of the shop are covered with 3/4 inch crushed black marble rock. In addition, the shop offers you 3 RV motorhome hookups (two inside the shop and one outside the shop), complete with water, sewer, and electricity. This home and shop are head-and-shoulders above what you will find on most farm properties. You can tell that the planning and building of this house and shop came from a labor of love. You really need to see this place for yourself to be able to appreciate all the time, money, detail, and effort that went into building this place. Building Site 2 - HeadquartersBuilding site 2 is the equipment headquarters, located on the SW 1/4 of Section 3, T10N, R40W, Perkins County. This site includes 1 open-front storage shed, 2 metal buildings, 10 grain bins with 202,000 bushels of grain storage, and fuel storage. The open-front machinery storage building is 80’ x 175’ and was built in 2009. It includes electrical service and a coal ash floor.The first metal building is a state-of-the-art farm shop that gives you plenty of shop space to keep the extensive line of equipment well maintained. It has an 80’ x 200’ enclosed space, plus a 40’ x 200’ open front lean-to on the south side of the building. This shop was built in 2004 and includes a full concrete floor, fluorescent lights, ceiling fans, and 110 and 220-volt electrical service. The shop has three main parts: an 80’ x 75’ shop area that is insulated with floor heat, a 21’ x 25’ finished office with full bathroom, laundry, and studio apartment over the office, and a machinery storage area that is not heated. A large sliding door on the west wall of the heated shop opens into the machinery storage area. Access doors to the shop include a 40’ x 20’ bi-fold door in the east wall and two 22’ x 20’ high electric overhead doors in the south wall. On the southeast corner of the shop, you have a cement loading dock to load and unload equipment. The second metal building is currently used to store a Case IH 4440 row crop sprayer during the winter, chemical storage, and seed storage. This building is 39’ x 71’ and was built in 1975. It  includes a full concrete floor, 110 and 220-volt electrical service, fluorescent lights, full insulation, radiant heat, and a 20’ x 12’ overhead door in the east wall. A total of 10 grain bins on this site offer you 202,000 bushels of grain storage.  • One 9,000 bu grain bin that was built in the 1970s. It has full air floors and 8-inch unload augers, and it was recently painted and sealed.  • Two 10,500 bu hopper bins • One 2,000 bu cone bottom bins • One 3,000 bu cone bottom bins • One 45,000 bu grain bin with 10-inch unload auger • Two 36,000 bu bins with 10-inch unload • One 30,000 bu bin with 8-inch unload • One 20,000 bu bin with 8-inch unload auger.  You can also store fuel at this site.This building site features an extensive security camera system worth $8,000 that is internet accessible so that you can monitor the video feeds from any device with an internet connection.Building Site 3Building site 3 is located on part of the SE 1/4 of Section 9, T7N, R40W, Chase County. It includes a metal shop building, a quonset hut, and 15 grain bins with a total of 191,100 bushels of grain storage. The metal shop building is 60’x100’ and was built in 1978. It includes a full concrete floor, 110 and 220-volt electrical service, radiant heat, and a 25’x25’ attached office with a bathroom. The Quonset hut is 68’ x 115’ and was built in 1982. It includes a full concrete floor but has no electrical service. Right now, it is used for machinery storage, but it can also be used for up to 80,000 bushels of grain storage.   • One 40,000 bu bin built in 1986 • Two 11,000 bu bins • One 26,000 bu bin • Ten 10,000 bu bins • One 2,500 bu cone bottom with a dual-burner MC dryer on natural gas • 600 bu drive-over pit for wet cornBuilding Site 4Building site 4 is located on part of the SE1/4SE1/4 of Section 36, T11N, R40W, Perkins County. It includes one home and a utility building. The home is 1,360 square feet and was built in 1927 and is currently used as staff housing. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a partially finished basement. The utility building is 40’ x 48’ and was built around 1950 of wood frame construction. It includes a full concrete floor and 110-volt electrical service. Building Site 5 Building site 5 is located on the SW1/4 of Section 15, T11N, R41W, Perkins County. It includes one home and a utility building. The 1.5 story home is 1,343 square feet and was built around 1923. It has 4 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a partially finished basement. Nebraska’s largest reservoir, Lake McConaughy, is just a short 45 minutes north. The 40,000-acre water site provides extraordinary and beautiful white sandy beaches. In addition, there is no shortage of boating, fishing, swimming, and camping. Nearby Ogallala is located at the intersection of I-80 and Nebraska Highway 61. It offers several nice hotels, bigger places to shop (such as an Ace Hardware and a Wal-Mart Super Center), and nice restaurants.Grant, Nebraska, just one mile east of the main home, is the county seat of Perkins County and offers small local restaurants and shopping. Grant recently upgraded its infrastructure in several ways. They expanded their airport to handle small jets, and they regularly fly in doctors and specialists to treat patients in their state-of-the-art medical facility. Around three years ago, they also added on to the hospital and added additional classrooms and a gym to the high school.Imperial, Nebraska is the county seat of Chase County. Located a quick 30 minutes to the south, it is the site of the Chase county fair as well as offering several hometown restaurants and small shops to visit. 
Listing Agent
Marv Van Houten
Fort Collins, Colorado
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